OK here goes.... Sharing some pages pic heavy
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Thread: OK here goes.... Sharing some pages pic heavy

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    Default OK here goes.... Sharing some pages pic heavy

    well a whole book actually! I made this for dh for 5 year anniversary/v-day I have many critiques about this... but maybe Ill just try and keep them to myself.

    Cover- This orginally had a nascar thing on it... pried it off and did this:

    this was the orginal cover: and now page 1

    so in love.... mad about you

    "he's never even changed a diaper before" you wouldnt know that now!
    You give... strength guideance support Thank you!

    sealed with a kiss... I love you more and more and more and more and more and more everyday

    memories... family This is just the start of many more to come!

    Turn up the volume! I thank God you are a praying man... one of kind

    the most precious gift you have ever given me... our son
    you are an AMAZING father

    daddy teach me how to play
    inseparable (the open is left over from when it was a fold out book)

    me and you

    (wedding pic) January 15, 2005 my heart my love

    Extra Journeling
    william, i am so blessed to have you in my life I am honored to be your wife and the mother of your children. I am so so proud of you Thank you for 5 wonderful years I can only hope for many many more I hope to learn how to cherish and love you even more in those years to come I love you I want you I need you everyday

    These pages are filled with many things just like our life. Memories that we share, passions I have about you & reflections on this life we've made. I wanted to show you how I see you But most of all these pages are filled with love
    hugs and kisses oh and those too!

    I wasnt too happy with these last few pages because i had to rearrange to make stuff fit... but maybe i can fix them at some point...
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    Those are all really nice! I bet he loves it. I especially like the second one! Awesome work.

    Next time, feel free to share much bigger pics though.. We like to see details. hehe.

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    Woah, busy girl! I bet he absolutely loved it! Sweet pics... love the guitar one! TFS!

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    I think it turned out awesome! I especially love how you did the cover with the two different styles of the same word! I bet he loves this album! You can tell a lot of time and thought went into it!

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    You have a great style...my favorite thing is how you crop a lot of the photos and elements to land on both sides. It draws the 2-pagers together. Your titles are fun too! Can't wait to see more from you. And yes, upload as big a picture as you want. We like seeing details.
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    I bet he loves that yes? That is really good and I too like how you cut the pics to fit both pages, they all flow really well together. TFS
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    What a special present to give to your hubby. It looks great and I am sure he will cherish it for a long time.

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    what an amazing gift!!!!!!

    You have a nice style, I like how you are willing to crop your photos down the center (I do that from time to time, but I'm always nervous doing it)
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    Those are LOVELY!!! My DH and I are coming up in our 5 year too and I am going to do something like this for him, but am going to use a deck of cards to make the album! I really love your book! Did he like it??
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    That is really sweet. What a great gift!
    Our 5 year is in May and I am trying to finish our wedding scrapbook to give to Dh. Maybe I'll have to cut some of my pictures down the middle, such a cool look.

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