Okay so I'm stumped

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Okay so I'm stumped

I really want to do this project for my mom and I'm sure it's probably going to take a year and a half because I'm going to have to get everything reprinted and find really old looking paper. You see, a few years ago when we went to England we got all sorts of photos. Photos dating back to my great great great grandfather. Yeah, old photos. Sooooooo..... I was thinking how cool would it be if I could scrap these things for my mom. Well no one was willing to part with the photos but we went to Englands version of Kinko's and got all of them copied. Now my dilemma is this, they are all copy paper. That's all. Can I scan them and have them printed on photo paper? I'll show you pictures of the album I have of them later. It's not fancy. Just a regular photo album with everyones name underneath so we don't forget as the years go on who was who.

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I bet you could scan them at a photo kiosk just fine. I would atleast give it a try. That's a great idea to put together a scrapbook of those old photos!

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What a great idea to scrap those old photos! I don't have any advice about what to do since I wouldn't know the first thing about how I would do it myself. lol

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I would try one and see how it looks. I did a project for my folks for their 30th anny. No one wanted to give up old pics for that one either, so I borrowed and gave them back. Scanned all the photos. It's cool b/c now I have all those pics on my computer. They aren't as old as yours, but there are ones from my parent's engagement photo through 2004.

I would love to see pics if you can get them scanned and done!

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I'm sure it'd work to scan them in. I had to do that a few years ago for a school project and they turned out fine.

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I agree I would try one, print it and see how it looks. Then if it's a good enough quality you can scan and print the rest. I hope it all works out well for ya Biggrin

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I agree with the pp, just try to scan one and see how it comes out. If it doesn't, you can still scrap with the paper photos. I know it wouldn't be the greatest, but it's better than nothing! Biggrin

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I agree with PP - try one and see how it looks, make sure to scan it at a really high resolution so they don't look 'grainy' when done (300 ppi or better).

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Oh, I hope they scan well. It is too bad you can't have the family in England scan the originals at a high-quality for you.