olympic trials poster (x-posted)

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olympic trials poster (x-posted)

I just had to share this ...

The wife of our DS's judo instructor qualified to go to the US Olympic Trials last summer. She missed out on making the team, but just to get to the trials is a MAJOR deal. So DS's instructor came to me to ask if I could help him make a poster to commemorate the occasion. right now the images I have to work with are low res, but i'll be getting hi-res versions soon to replace them. That's why i didn't bother editing out the horrible yellow color cast to them.

With that in mind, what do you guys think of the overall concept?

BTW ... the top white rectangle will eventually be where her name badge (a cloth swatch on the back of her uniform) will be mounted.

any/all suggestions appreciated. These folks mean a lot to our family, so I want to do the best job possible.

btw ... I cross posted on a couple of boards b/c I really would appreciate some feedback.


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I think it looks great!!!

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GiGi, I think it looks great. I'm not sure if I'd change anything (other than using the hi-res). although, it would be neat to have a close up of her face somewhere, just not sure how you'd incorporate that.

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How come it's taken me this long to realize you were from Texas??? I saw the A&M logo and was like "ah, a fellow Texan"!!! Smile That's realllly great!

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I think it's awesome, I wouldn't change a thing!

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I think you did a great job! I know they will appreciate it. You ALWAYS do good work! Biggrin

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Great job!

okay, so I'm obviously not from texas but I saw the atm and though at the moment...:)

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Thank you all!!

Gwen ... her husband is getting me some more pics and I'm hoping for at least one close up. He just happened to have these 2 low res pics on his computer at work, so it was quick for him to send them to me. I had been using some pics I took of her at a local tournament to do mock ups with, but this worked much better.

Charys ... I'm a born and raised Tx-gal. My home town is only 50 miles from here, but I've been in College Station since coming to the University here in the late '80s. I should have that TAMU logo on my forehead. Wink

Again, thank you everyone. I'll be sure and post when I have the final version.