That OMG feeling

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That OMG feeling

Sorry I have been MIA my husband and I have had some issues and he let some our bills go unpaid so now I have no internet at home and it happned right after I asked about who to send the train too. I am in NY (made DH stay home and get a 2nd job during what should be his vacation to pay the bills) now with my dad and just able to log on I will be copying down the address and sending the box as soon as I get back to GA. I am staying a month as I need some time away from DH but have to go back so Peter can start school.

Anyway I am here in NY for a wedding and I want to make the bride a scrapbook of the pics I take at her wedding. (don't know if anyone recalls I did this last summer for somone else) so in my plans of packing to go to NY I go and get all my papers and myrcricut. And OMG the power cord was cut!!!!!

I freaked out.

Luckly my DH is an electrision and he was able to get it back together. I so far have not done anything with it as I had to pack it up but it did turn on. I hope it still works but I am thinking as long as it is getting power that was the only damage done.

So what happend. After lots of question asking Tessa admitted to "accadentaly cutting it" but not until after she saw that David did fix it first. Both clamed they knew nothing about the cut cord for the first few hours after I found it like that.

I hope it works because I am looking foward to doing this scrapbook. I bought a choclate brown book to do it in yesterday. I know weddings are all white but my own alubms are so dirty from all the hand prints over the years or them being dropped and they are only 5 years old. I picked brown so it will look nicer longer and because it is a good nurural color for almost any page I put in it. Wedding color is light purple.

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Oh no! I hope it works for you and you have a great time at the wedding. (((hugs))) on the family issues. Hope those work themselves out, too.

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sure hope the cricut works! I think chocolate brown will be really nice. please take pictures of the pages, would love to see them.

I hope the break from DH is helpful. How's Heath doing?