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Which one?

I'm editing some of the pics from my holiday and I can't decide on this one ... we drive past this every time we visit my inlaws and for 6 years I've been trying to convince dh to stop. So finally we did! It was a dreary, rainy day though and the sky wasn't very nice ... so I changed it out with some sunny sky pics I took in April.

So which one do you like best?

Original (with edits, original sky)

Version A - a little more dramtic sky

Version B - less dramatic, still some blue

This is the original, SOOC:

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i like the 1st one the best. that sky fits with the building if that makes sense. the building looks old and you think dark skies when you see buildings like that. like in a scary movie or something Lol

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I agree with the PPs. The 1st one is my favorite!

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I'm drawn to the first one. what a cool picture!

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i like 1 and 3!!! and the pic is just awesome!

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I'm liking the first one also. I can't believe how much you can change a picture. Wow!!

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Hmm, I love this! I initially thought the first picture, but I continue to be drawn to the second one (labeled Version A) - I keep having to scroll down just for another peek!

Are you using it in a LO? I think the "mood" of the LO will dictate which picture you choose.

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I will probably scrap it somewhere along the way, but I'm wanting to frame it and put it on my wall Smile

Thanks for the input ladies!

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1st one Smile