One month - for the baby book

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One month - for the baby book

Look at me go!!!! I am really pleased with this page, and it actually took me a lot less time than usual. I had about double the amount of picture than I used (two were bath pictures, saving for a bath layout), but I thought 4 would be the perfect amount to use. The photos are in chronological order, as I have the dates printed on the back. Wink I cut out the background paper from behind the matted photos to use for the letters. All of the letters were supposed to look like the O in terms of the pattern, but I accidentally had my Cricut set for 4.5 inches instead of 1.5 and didn't catch it fast enough - it started cutting and I lost a big chunk of the paper I had for the title. Oh, well. I think it looks fine with the O being different ...

BTW, this is for his actual baby book - nothing really to journal at this age. I'm a little light on the baby book journaling because I keep a journal on the computer for them instead.

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I think the page is beautiful and simple! He is such a big boy!

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This is another beautiful, clean page from you. I love the bottom left photo!!!! That's got to be my favorite Jack pic yet.

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"MommyCB" wrote:

This is another beautiful, clean page from you. I love the bottom left photo!!!! That's got to be my favorite Jack pic yet.

thanks! I love that picture too. Definitely one of my favorites of him. Smile He's on Daddy's shoulder there - it was such a hot day, and we took the kids to the park.

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I actually like the O being different than the rest of the title.

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Loving those colors for him...great page! I can see each of your other kids in Jack Biggrin

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Cool how you cut the letters out of the same paper. Very nice LO, and congrats on getting yet another one done. Smile

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Perfect. those are great pictures Smile So cute.

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Oooo! This one is my favorite! I love that pic of him on daddy's shoulder peeking around the corner thats my fave too!

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Another adorable Jack page! This will make a great addition to his baby book. And I like the different O. That font is really cool, too.

I agree with the other ladies, that one picture of Jack melts my heart. Smile

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that is very cute!!

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That bottom left pic is just precious! Jack is so cute! I am so ready to have a little boy! This LO is simply adorable!

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Love the 4 pictures, especially the one where he's looking over the shoulder, that's adorable!