One Month LO

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One Month LO

Okay, I totally scraplifted the one month criss-cross idea.

Papers/Elements: Isabelle Cyr aka zazou (je t adore kit)

Question: Do you think I need to date the page? I was thinking about just putting "February 08" "March 08" "April 08" etc on her pages since she was born on Jan 28... just not sure.

Dated - don't think it takes anything away

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That's really cute! I love the colors. I would put the date, but that's just me. I try to date all my pages...even if I have to put it on the back, so that when future generations are looking at them, they will know when the picture was taken.

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I agree, put the date on the back. The LO is perfect "as is."

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I love the LO I think it is great the way it is and I agree with pp date it on the back

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LOVE IT! Smile
I would put the date on it as well. I need to start doing that with my own actually.

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oh that is gorgeous. What perfect colors

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absolutely BEAUTIFUL! and so girlie! Smile

great job!

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"acarbo99" wrote:

absolutely BEAUTIFUL! and so girlie! Smile

I was going to say exactly the same thing!

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It is a perfect page. I love it!

I always try to date mine. The nice thing about digital is that you can do it small and relatively transparent so that it doesn't destract for your page.

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Definitely date it. The color scheme is beautiful! Great job.

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How cute! She is precious!

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awwww! Too cute!

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so cute, I like the date on there too, I always forget that part :?