one month old LO

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one month old LO

Can you believe that Brandon is a month old already?? (actually - he's closer to 2 months!) Sooo crazy! Anyways, here's his "one month" page.

(I took a pic of his shirt and made the guy in the 4-wheeler as an embellishment.... oh, I am loving all of the possibilities of digital scrapbooking!!)

The text reads: "After waiting 9 long months to finally meet you, I can't believe how quickly time has passed now that you're here. I am cherishing every moment. Your personality is already taking shape. You seem to be a content and reserved little man. You love to cuddle and be held as well as going for walks in the neighborhood. You are not a big fan of your binkie (even though mommy tries to get you to take it) or taking baths."

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oh I love that the LO color scheme matches the outfit and the 4 wheeler you used from his outfit. Such a good idea!

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Oh, I just love how you made the embelishment. That is so cool. Digital scrapbooking is so great that way and it turned out so adorable on your page. Seriously and adorable page and your journaling fits in nicely too.

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That really was a very creative idea making the embellishment out of his shirt like that! Awesome! And the colors look like they were created with that shirt in mind! Great job!

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So cute! I love the truck! You made this page very personal.

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That is awesome that you did the little man yourself, totally awesome and 'out of the box' so to speak! So cute ...

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oh my word that is way too cute!!

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Another great LO really did make this one personal and fun. TFS

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Wow! How cool to make the embellishment to match! Great idea!

I love how the page came out. Another great LO!

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Really love the personal touch. You make digital look so interesting.

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That embellishment is the greatest! And your little guy is adorable.

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What a beautiful page - and great job on the truck, what a perfect idea!

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Holy cow this is cute! Biggrin Don't you love using girl stuff and BOY stuff? Wink

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you're so good with the journaling ... I need to get better at that for Jack's book. need your pages to inspire me to do that. and I love how you used the tractor as an embellishment, what a great idea!!! I dig this page. Smile

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I like how you used the little truck guy as an embelishment!

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Wowwy!! You are so creative.