One of my favorite cards!

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One of my favorite cards!

I just love the Sweethearts cartridge!! I made this card last's one of my all-time faves. I made it for my friend that gave me all the carts.

Ami Intime

The girl and scooter are from Sweethearts, the butterflies are all Hannah Montana. The font is from Lyrical Letters. I cut ami intime=good friend. You can hardly see it in the pics, but it shows up much better IRL. I cut out the little postcards from a sheet of cardstock and glued them down.

Sorry I took so many pics, I was trying to get the letters to show up better.
I'm working on another similar card for a friend's bday...I'll get it posted tomorrow hopefully.

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LOVE THE CARD!!! And I just recently got sweethearts and it is my new fav cartridge too!

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That is gorgeous!

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Awesome! Funny thing, I just saw this on the cricut boards and got so confused when it was posted under another name...then I scrolled down to see why. Phew, I was gonna say...someone stole her pics ROFL

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LOL Lauren!! Actually MaryAnn is the friend that has all those carts. I guess when she updated her Gypsy on my PC it never logged her out. Smile I was confused myself too. hehe

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That card is sooo adorable!

And on a side note - Lauren, that picture of Nathan is precious!

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wow, what a beautiful card! looks like it took a long time to make, I know she'll love it. and I'm glad you took so many pictures of it. Smile

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absolutely stunning! Every time I think you can't possibly get any better, you do! LOL Biggrin

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I'm with Karen, you just amaze me every time!! The detail on that card is stunning Charys. It's so cute. I love her bling. Smile GREAT work!!

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That is an amazing card. i am sure your friend is going to love it.

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This is by far the best card I have ever seen!!! Did you send it to cricut so they can use it in the next infomercial they make? Seriously you should!!!!

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i am also in love with it!!! Biggrin

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Oh my goodness! I love everything about this card. Especially the colors!! Your friend is going to LOVE this!

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Wow! I love that!!! Biggrin

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AMAZING! I love it!

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this card is sooo amazing!! seriously!! hallmark who?!?! Lol

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That is absolutely stunning, seriously! I love it, it looks so professionally done and like it took HOURS AND HOURS to make. Your friend is going to love it!