one of my layouts was chosen......

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one of my layouts was chosen...... layout of the day at GottaPixel!!! Dirol


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hmm the link you wrote is just a link to the blinkie saying that your layout was chosen!!

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lol, sorry about that :oops: we really need to be able to edit our posts here, now that will be up there embarrassing me forever Wink I should have at least looked at it before hitting Submit

I've triple checked it now Wink

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I love it. It is colorful and cute and just so creative. Great job!

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You go girl! How exciting! Do you get anything extra special?

I LOVE that page btw....super, super cute! Very well done!

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Wow, great job! I love the colors and the pictures are adorable. Congrats!

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We deserved it for sure! Great job!!!

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Cute page!

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OMG that is sooooo awesome.

ANd of course I'm just partial anyways because that little fella has been to our house. Lol

I just didn't scrap it , but I think I might have to now.

GREAT JOB and love the colors. Do you want to come to my house and give me a crash course in digi scrapping. I just gotta sit down and do it, I know.

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Too cute and a well-deserved honor! Biggrin

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love the colours!!! that is such a great page!! congrats Smile

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Wow, that is great! I just love the colors and the pictures and EVERYTHING! Thanks for sharing!

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Love the colors & the LO!! Great Job & Congrats on LO of the day!

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Awesome work! Congrats!

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I'm new here but that is a very cute page! congrats!

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oh, that's great!!! I love how you used the different shapes for each photo. too cute!!!!

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