One Week Old LO

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One Week Old LO

I love my DH! He gave me so much time to work on stuff this afternoon/evening! Of course, Caleigh has cooperated pretty well, too. Smile

one week jpg

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Glad you are getting so much done. She is just so tiny!

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wow, you've been so productive! I like this page, very sweet.

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That page is very cool. Love the simplicity of it, and hope you don't mind, but I lifted it. Smile

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Oh pretty. Perfect colors and layout for thos precious pictures.

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beautiful! The background paper/matte in that shape and colors is perfect!

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Very Very Pretty! Smile She is so tiny!

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Look how teeny she was!!!! I love the shaped paper in back of your photos. The colors, and your title in the "cloud" are perfect. What a great dh! Can he teach mine a thing or 2? :bigwink:

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I love the one in the big hat!!!

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I love your choice of colors and the way you turned the frame thingy. I really like this LO!

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Thanks girls! You boost my ego! LOL

The top picture is my absolute favorite of hers from the NICU. If you hold a printed copy of that picture (as a regular 4x6) you can put your thumb right on top of DH's and see how little she was. She was right around 3 pounds in that picture (still not as small as many NICU babies).