Online Scrapbooks shops?

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Online Scrapbooks shops?

Anyone got any good recommendations? Looking to order some stuff as we don't have a scrapbooking store near by, and Wal-Mart doesn't have what I'm looking for.

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These are the ones I go to:

they have a good clearance selection

I don't like this site as much since it was purchased by another company and they redid the store, but I like to look here for pricing on some things that I can't find other places.

This is the place that bought them

And then there is:

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I love it at!! I've ordered almost all my stamps from her.

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that's where I shop and go for inspiration. you can view layouts/projects made by other scrappers.

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When I paper scrapped, I shopped with them.

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When I paper scrapbooked they are the people I went too. they were fast and there stuff I loved it.

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I like Ebay, for their lots, some good deals there.