the only craftiness I've done lately

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the only craftiness I've done lately

So, it's not really scrapbook related. But I did get to play with epoxy and paint and glue! Smile

The Girl Scout powderpuff derby is tomorrow and so I've been working on my pinewood derby car. Last year was Jr. Asparagus. This year it's Beaker from the Muppets. Smile

He started out as a wedge of wood, then I sculpted on the features.

Then some paint, some hair (a piece of orange boa), and wheels.

This is a really fun project! It's also fun to watch the girls' race their cars and see them work with their dads/grandpas to build a car. Smile

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Wow! So cool!

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very cute! i think i remember your car that you did last year. this year's looks great too!

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How fun is that!? Good luck in the race!!

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I so remember Asparagus from last year and this one is just as cute. Good luck!

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I remember the one last year too. This one turned out way cute. I'll have to show DH b/c he loves Beaker. Hope its the winner too!

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How cute! I didn't know girl scouts did a derby also. Your car is great! GL

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I saw that on your facebook... that is totally neat!! I LOVE IT!!

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I love it!

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hahaha so cool!! i remember last years!! too awesome!

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Okay that is just the coolest thing. Great job.

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that is great! I remember Jr. from last year. I think it's so cool that you do that. Smile

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Ok, that is so super neat!