Ooooo I love Surprises... pic link added

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Ooooo I love Surprises... pic link added

I ordered a "Friends" cardstock on Ebay. I paid .80 for it and thought it was a good deal and neat looking. It arrived today and I got 2 sheets...I thought I paid .80 for 1....Woohoo Love surprises!

Here is the link of the original ad

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Yay, those are the best kinds! Smile I bet the paper is pretty...look forward to seeing it.

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Sounds like neat paper! Yay for a great surprise!

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yeah i cant wait to see the paper as well!!

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that would make my day! surprises are the best!

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very cool!

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very cool i agree pics please

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Yay! Surprises make life sweeter!

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Woohoo! A Two-fer. (Two-fer-one). Smile

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hey cool! Love the paper too. Look forward to seeing what you make with it.

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CUTE paper!

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That is cute!