Oops - appologies!

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Oops - appologies!

I screwed up the board, sorry! I went back to try and find the posts I missed and commenting on them really screwed up the order of the new posts, etc .... so I'm very sorry!!!

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LOL! Not a problem! I was like "hmmm, I thought I replied to these before"! Smile Glad to know it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me.

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:spanking: shame on you! haha just kidding no worries Wink

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he he he

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hey, I was flattered by some of your recent comments on "older" threads ... I'd love for you to lift me as you suggested. Wink screw up the board all you want, we'll get it back right soon enough.

so many of the boards are so quiet ... this one has slowed, but not so much really.

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Ashley I love that smiley, it is one I had never noticed before that's for sure.