Opening Page for book LO

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Opening Page for book LO

I think this may be the opening page for Caleigh's baby and/or NICU book. I haven't decided if it needs anything else. Or if there's a better way to arrange the writing on it. Any suggestions?

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I'm not good with C&C, but I LOVE simple and so sweet!!

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I love it just the way it is. It is so precious!! Oh and I love your Dr. Suess line, it's perfect!!

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PERFECT! Don't change a thing! I love it!

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Keep it exactly as is. It's so sweet.

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I think it's fine, but if you're looking for ideas for the writing - maybe try name & date where the saying is now, and the saying at the bottom where the date is?

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adorable! A perfect opening page...I like to keep them a little simpler.