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Opinions needed

So most of you know I'm taking a course on how to design digital scrapbook items ... the first lesson is to design your logo ... I decided to go with the name "TJ Scraps" - I couldn't use slurpee because that's trademarked.

Anyways, this is what I came up with so far, was just wondering what your opinions are ... like it, hate it, need to change it? Honest answers, please! Smile It's a simple oval, but man it took me forever to figure out something I liked (and with fonts that are commercial use). I really like the t and the j, not sure about everything else (and I'm second guessing myself)



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I like it!

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Looks nice! Simple, yet elegant!

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I love the fonts and the color, but the shape made me instantly think of an easter egg. Maybe cuz Easter just past? But I can't think of anything else you could do unless there's another shape that's more definitive of you. Sorry I'm no help!

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i like it! my suggestion would be to add some shadowing to the letters... but then you would have to move the shadow on the oval to the other side... hmmmm

what about some gradient colors for the background?

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I love it too Trina!

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i like it!

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I like it, it's a good start. I think I'd play a little more with the font for "scraps" and make it a tad bit bigger. I know you're limited with commercial fonts (I didn't realize you had to use commercial fonts for a logo though, it's not like it's a product you're selling).

maybe you could lower the opacity of scraps, make it bigger, and put it behind the tj (which, btw, I LOVE the tj)

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i honestly love it. its so simple and really stands out. but i like things like that to be simple. lol

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I loooove the TJ! It's simple, yet perfect.

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I agree with Gwen.... I love the TJ and the shape etc. The color isn't bad either. But the font and everything for the word scraps is throwing me off.
I think Gwen suggested making the word scraps a little lighter.... which I think would look awesome. Also maybe make the word scraps a little less block type ish....hope i'm making sense. Not so script font as the TJ but not so Times New Roman ish.

anyway if i dont make sense just disregard.

Awesome that you are learning all this cool stuff.