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opinions wanted

Okay... I really cant decide if I like the bow on top or under... what do you think?

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man thats a tough call...i think i like it better on top.

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yep, me too. i like it over. Smile adorable page!!!

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On top! Way cute!!!

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Top! I love the page! The yellow really makes it POP!

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I say on top too. Cute LO!

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on top! Man, that's sooo cute! I really love the colors you chose!

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On top! Very cute page!

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on top Wink

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Yeah I agree with everyone so far that on top looks best. Very cute LO!

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I agree with PP! Nice lo!

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what a cute page! I love the yellow and the arrow, Iz would also put it on top.

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I vote on top too! Way cute!!