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I paper scrapbook- and have a TON of stuff... papers, cut outs, stickers, sizzors, glue sticks, stickys, pens, markers, embelishments.... and I have NO IDEA how to organise it all! I think one of the reasons I dont get much done is I am NOT organised and I hate pulling out my box of stuff, digging through it to find what I want, and THEN putting together a page with a 11month old tryin to get into it all! How do you all organise yours? and find time to get pages done at a reasonable pace?

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Hi! happy to see you over here! Well, as far as organized goes, I have a little kitchen table that I keep my scrapbook stuff out on weekends. Then while Kayson's asleep or being entertained by DH I work on and off on a page. On the rare occasions I have a full hour of peace, I can usually whip out one or two pages. Smile I'm not real organized, I just have plastic storage containers holding all my supplies. I know that wasn't very helpful, but maybe these other talented ladies will be.

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I use this to hold all my supplies:
Crop in Style Jr

And then this to go inside the big bag, and it holds all my papers and projects.

One day I hope to have my own room, with lots of drawers and shelves and organizers.

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OOO a room dedicated would KICK BUTT!!! I wouldnt have a problem then lol (or atleast it would all be in one spot and possibly a bigger "box" of stuff lmao). Charys the Kitchen table idea is pretty good... that would explain how u get it done through ur days Wink

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Well, we have a 4-bedroom house and no kids yet. I'm pretty lucky (for now) because one of those rooms is my scrapbook room. I took a few pics on how I organize my stuff...

Paper*I use Cropper Hopper 12x12 paper holders for my paper. I didn't take a pic, but for all of my stickers/rub-ons I use those 8.5x11 paper holders.

Adhesives*I found a big basin type thing for all of my adhesives.

Paint*My dh made me a paint holder out of an old wire paper rack I had. I love it.

Rubber Stamps*I just toss them in a cute basket.

Embellishments*Brads, Buttons, Clips, Rings, Charms...I have 2 of these hardware storage things. I got them at WalMart for $8 each. I sort everything by color! There's larger boxes under all the small boxes I keep alpha sets, extra staples, punches in.

I think I just like to organize Lol

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I love the way ur organised Ashley! Organisation is a good thing!! I could really use someone good at it here lmao. I like the hardware idea for the embelishments!

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I love that!
I want to make a room sooooo bad and I'm gonna dang it!!!!

I keep all my stuff in a couple of big bins at the moment *sigh*