OT: Been gone too long

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OT: Been gone too long

Sad So sorry gals! Dont feel bad cause I havent been ANYWHERE on preg.org Wink Ive been so stinkin busy with family gatherings, vacations, and couponing! Things have slowed down a bit and Im getting the crafty itch again WinkYahoo My craft room is INSANELY unorganized, so Ive been scared Lol Im thinking I'll tackle it soon, and very soon!

Congrats to all the new mommas! YAY! I hope to catch up a little on some of the new posts.

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Glad your back!

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Hey Zene!!! Glad to hear alls well girl! I know life can get in the way sometimes.

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I know that fear! Lol Good luck getting the scrap room ready for you to scratch your craft itch. Glad to see you popping back on!

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Hullo! :wavehello:

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no need to apologize. Biggrin

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welcome back! Biggrin we missed you!

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I was thinking about you the other day. Glad you posted an update. Don't feel bad...the summer has been crazy for a lot of us.

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Glad you've posted! Smile Now get that room cleaned up so you can SCRAP! Smile

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I know the feeling...I am finally back! Glad you are too!