OT, finance prayers/good thoughts needed

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OT, finance prayers/good thoughts needed

My husband works for the State of CA, Department of corrections. Starting Feb 6th, ALL state employees are to take two unpaid fridays off. the first and third friday of each month. This will be a cut of about $450/month for us! Sad

I know we'll get through this, but we have been just getting by since we moved into this new house (it doubled our rent) because we have been paying $400 over rent to pay on the deposit. So we were looking forward to that being done with, and now the state wants to take that money away from us?

It's like we can never catch a break! We are down to bare bones, we don't buy anything we don't need, the only reason we have internet is because andy needs it so he can work from home on his days off.

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Oh hon. You'll be in my prayers. Please KUP! I wish there was something I could do. :bigarmhug:

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I will add you to my prayers. Big hugs to you girl. Keep your chin up.

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Consider a prayer said!

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Said a prayer for your family.

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wow Liz so sorry that this all is hitting you.

i'll keep u and ur family in my thoughts and prayers

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Ah that really sucks! Our state is doing some things like that too, but I sure wish they would take volunteers first instead of making everyone do it Sad We will say prayers for you. I hope you can catch a break soon. Would you be able to find something for those couple days?