OT- Global Warming Fail (XP)

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OT- Global Warming Fail (XP)

Green leaves on the trees and snow... yeah, global warming has me scared.

Dusty millers getting a true dusting

Snow as of 10am

This made me laugh almost as much as the tractor frantically mowing the ditches in driving snow.

Katie's first reaction to the snow was to saw "WHOA". The whole car ride she kept saying "Mommy. Snow. Snowmen. Yay. Snow!!!!" Then when she got to go into it (taking her siblings into school)... Caleb jumped up and down shouting "Wahoo!". Anna stood in wonder, face to the sky, mouth open to catch snowflakes. Katie got exactly 4 snowflakes on her face, and started furiously wiping her face, all while yelling and the sky "No way. No snow. Go 'way!" We got quite a few chuckles at their reactions.

On the way home, she was already over the snow...

I'll update here later with an after the snow stops picture too. Smile

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Ha...she tuckered out didn't she?? LOL So call me stupid, but what's the problem with the snow?? I don't get the point. Are you saying there should be no snow until the leaves have all dropped??? Sorry for being dumb.

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It's the beginning of October. We don't normally get snow until November, but at least after the trees have had a chance for their leaves to turn colors and fall off, in preparation for winter. This is REALLY early for snow. The fields aren't fully plowed yet. It broke my heart seeing the snow covering the beans and coating the corn.

That said though... I love snow so it's kind of cool too. I just really think I am going to need that ambulance and snowplow escort in January when I go into labor.

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i cant believe ya'll are getting snow already!! its HOT outside down here! lol

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It snowed here on Sat, but nothing like that! None of it even stuck.

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Snow already? The kids reactions were great to read. If you were a scrapbooker, I'd make you scrapbook and journal that. Smile Love how Katie's fast asleep in no time. LOL!

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keep your snow, I don't want it. I cringe at the idea.

but I'm cracking up at the global warming fail. Wink

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I will gladly send you some of our feels like 100 degrees weather in exchange for some of your snow. Smile

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Too cute.... but you can keep the snow! I am enjoying upper 80s, low 90s with a light breeze. We are packing a picnic and heading to the park for dinner here in a few minutes!