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OT help needed

Tomorrow is Cameron's birthday and we are having just the grandparents over for dinner and cake. Well we are having a dinosaur theme party and DH thought it would be cute to have the dinosaur chicken nuggets. So I bought them, but now I can not figure out what else to have????? help please, I really need to go to the store and get the rest of the stuff today.

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If it was me and my kids...
french fries or potato salad
Fruit slices and dip or a fruit salad

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thank you, that is what I was thinking, well along those lines, but since it is going to be mostly adults, I wasn't sure what to do.
I was thinking
deviled eggs, fruit salad and pasta salad with broc.and carrots.

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all of which I can do ahead of time. Wink I don't like hosting parties, I get totally stressed out, even when it is just a few people. So needless to say, we don't have people over very often.

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We just had a dinosaur party for Evan about two weeks ago! We had dinosaur chicken nuggets (called them dinosaur hatchlings), BBQ meatballs (T-Rex Treats), Tossed Salad (Stygimoloch Salad), carrots and celery sticks (Stegosaurus Sticks), Deviled Eggs (Pterandaon Eggs), melon balls and grapes (called them some kind of egg...can't remember now but I just googled stuff and got a few more ideas out of his dino books :)). We also had a bowl of doritos which were Stegosaurus bony plates and other various snack things (green peanut m&m's, cheese balls, etc. that were all labeled as being various dinosaur eggs. We set up stations for Herbivores (the salad, carrots, fruit) and Carnivores (the meatballs and nuggets). It was really cute! I feel like I am forgetting a few things so if I remember them I'll try to come back later! Oh, and we also brought in an egg shaped rock from outside and made this fancy label and display case for it and told our nephews it was a real dinosaur egg that we ordered from ebay and that they'd better not touch it because it was 100 million years old! Lol They believed us for like, um, 30 seconds. Haha! But it was good for a laugh! Smile

ETA: Okay, as soon as I turned the computer off I remembered it of course! We also had hot dogs (dino dogs).

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I don't have anything to add, but I LOVE Katie's ideas! The stations are too cute!

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Dinosaur Eggs, Prehistoric Pasta Salad, Fossil Fruit Salad

Everything can be turned into dinosaur themes. I LOVE Katie's suggestions of stations and the "bony plates:.

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Great ideas! Thanks

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good luck, can't wait for pictures!! Wink

I'm funny too, I'm not a fan of hosting parties.

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oh my gosh, I LOVE Katie and Nancy's ideas!!! So cute!

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wow, can't beat the suggestions already given. can't wait to see what you do!

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This sounds like so much fun! GL and remember to share pics!!