OT I have an interview...wish me luck

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OT I have an interview...wish me luck

I have an interview at a doctor's office to be a surgical tech trainee at 4pm!! (pacific time) Wish me luck. It would only be for 2 days a week, and we have a friend who will watch Eli for free!!! I'll post how it went when I get back.

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Good luck Liz. KUP.

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That's super exciting! Good Luck Liz!

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Good luck, sounds like a great schedule for a mommy.

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good luck, fingers crossed!

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Saying a prayer for you!

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Saying a prayer! GL & KUP! Biggrin

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Wow that sounds exciting! Good luck!

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good luck!!!

keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. definitely kup

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good luck! Just saw this now so I hope it went well.

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I can't tell how it went. They were hard to read. I should know by the end of this week.

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KUP ok? I got to this late, but I said a prayer for you.

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Late to this also, but it sounds great!! KUP okay?

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Late to this too - KUP about it, hope you got it!

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Wow, that would be really cool. I hope you get it.