ot - need a quick favor if you have a sec!

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ot - need a quick favor if you have a sec!

Hi ladies! I haven't done any scrapping hence not being on here much...probably will this weekend with it being a long weekend though and i have new pics to scrap Smile

anyway, I was wondering, for those of you on facebook (lurkers are welcome to do this too lol)....is there any chance you would give my niece a vote on a photography contest she's in until midnight tonight? It was kinda of a 3 way tie all week and then the two winning (I know them in real life) have said a few rude things about some of the other kids photos...which I just think is so mean and tasteless and told them so...anyway, now they have theirs all beefed up by asking friends of friends of friends to vote and I would love to see my niece get some more votes since my since has been nice enough to vote for her own and has "kept it clean" as far as just letting her own family and friends vote (trying to win a free shoot). But since they were mean, it's on! lol

The group on facebook you have to like is called "Naturally Captured Photography" ..then you click on their little princess contest and ella is #8 in the adorable ballerina outfit! then you "like" her photo too and you're done! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE ?? Biggrin i'll be back tonight or tomorrow. xoxoxo

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Hope she wins.