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ot - need some creative help - update!

oh you girls are just the best!...unfortunately, I couldn't access the site yet again to see your replies in time!! I got fed up and went to a few more stores finding nothing...I thought of the tension rod thing to Ash but I forgot to mention the window is rounded at the top...like a rectangle with a semicircle stuck on top. I ended up getting (from the dollar store) a beige shower curtain (LOL) which I cut to size and some sticky hooks...we've used those hooks before and they don't come off easy like they say they do so I peeled all the sticky stuck off and stuck them up with blu-tak...we'll see how long it holds up for. lol. This will only be til we get paid again though...by then I will have talked to the landlord and we can get a nice curtain up there.

we have been struggling with MEGA drafty doors for over a year...our manager finally got a friend to put on new doors (front, back, and patio)...they are so much better, he did a great job ....however, we went from a solid wooden front door to a door with the top half a clear window!! I had no idea they were doing that type until it was almost finished. It really irks Wayne and I having a see-through front door...it really creeps me out...especially having 7 kids here! little bits are frosted glass but most is clear and you can see through perfectly...
now here are the problems in a temporary fix.... The manager doesn't want anything altering on the doors...i.e. no extra frosting, no hanging a curtain rod, etc...
We have been to numerous stores looking for a curtain that could work by sticking it up on those adhesive hooks (ones we could take down when we knew he was coming by once a year or so lol)...nothing will work cuz they all have the sleeve you put a rod through! And why are every pair of curtains we see the height of a wall?! lol. Anyway, it really got me down today because we are already broke so it was immediately limited until we get paid again in a couple weeks (like lots of ppl after Christmas). We had looked for ages in so many stores...We need something in place by tomorrow cuz this will be the 1st the families see of the doors and they need to look nice. Right now I tacked a sheet up there because it really bothers me! lol.

I'm a little annoyed that we are using our time and money when it wasn't our decision to have a see-through front door! :paddle:Looks nice but not very practical for us! I know I might sound crazy ...but does anyone have any ideas how to cover it up without ruining the doors??? Thank you ladies

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Ugh, what a situation for you. :/ I am at a loss as to what you could hang. Could you take and trim and hem the sheet, so it looks more like a curtain? (Not just a sheet) If you get time, post a pic of the door and that might help.

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I will take a pic in the morning.

The tacked sheet can't even stay up...I didn't want to tack into the new door so it's tacked into the trim...as in, the door hits it opening and closing. LOL!...I don't own a sewing machine either :s

I'm gonna check out the big dollar store tomorrow...See if I can find any small cheap curtains there that I can somehow adhere to it. lol...I am REALLY tempted to just phone the manager up (well, the realtor company we rent through for him) and just say flat out that we don't want a see-through door and are screwing a curtain rod up. Wayne won't let me though. he says they will kick us out for being too demanding. lol.

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This is probably a really cr@p idea, cause i suck at idea, but... How about you get some sheer, lightweight fabric that you can cut out to the size of the glass. Then hem it all around and use double sided tape to stick to the window? I know that the tape is pretty sticky, so it should hold it pretty well. Might leave tape in the glass though when you need to take it down...

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Or... can you get the frosting sheets that don't stick forever. Like, i had some window stickers that were snowflakes and they weren't sticky. They were like a soft plastic type of thing that clung to the glass, rather than sticking. Maybe you can get that in frosting? Not sure though. I just kind of made that up. If you can't get frosting though you might be able to get stickers of characters or something. I don't know how bothered you would be having cartoons on your front door. Lol

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Sarah, I think you're idea of the fabric and double sided tape is excellent. Would a tension rod type holder work in any way Karen??? I agree that you should call and tell him you don't want a see through door. I've never heard of such a thing in a storm door. Weird. And if nothing else, those small curtain rod holders will only leave a small hole, just hang one up. They do make smaller curtains I know...hope you can find something.

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I was going to suggest cutting fabric to the size of the window and using that putty stuff to stick it to the window. I don't remember what it's called... we used it to put posters up in college and hubby uses it to keep pictures in alignment.

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What about that peel away stuff you can put on bathroom windows so no one can see in? It's like mack tack but 'clear', but also can't see thru it (just garbled images). It's sticky and peels off (I think) if you were to ever move.

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

What about that peel away stuff you can put on bathroom windows so no one can see in? It's like mack tack but 'clear', but also can't see thru it (just garbled images). It's sticky and peels off (I think) if you were to ever move.

thats what I was thinking. They make some vinyl like stuff that you can see out of but not in. Maybe a hardware store would carry it? Not sure about the price.

How about cutting vinyl with your Cricut to fit the spaces? That would cover it to where you couldn't see in or out, would that work? A roll is $10 here. Not too expensive.

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I was going to suggest the film that Trina did. If that doesn't work for you, I know our walmart has these paper accordion shades. They stick to the window (or in your case, door) with a sticky type tape. This would be very easy to remove when the time came, no holes, and they were under $5. I would be very lightweight so there is no clanging on the door.

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At hardware stores you can find the vinyl coverings just for windows, comes in rolls. I've used it before. They have different types. (The stuff I used was to make your windows mirror-like for privacy but at night it has the opposite affect and you can't see out and others can see in.) They had several options for type and it is easy to apply, you cut it to fit and then use a liquid. There is also another liquid to remove it later. I never had to remove mine, but know it existed.

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you have a lot of great ideas here. I have nothing to add. I just want to say that it sucks that a door like that was installed. we're landlords, and if something like that happened here, I'd be okay with a tenant asking permission for a curtain solution.

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OH MY GOSH!!! I can help you! Your door sounds EXACTLY like ours...and I HATE it! I ***FINALLY*** figured out a solution that works about a month ago and LOVE it. Very inexpensive, too! I'm going to go take some pics of it and I'll brb!

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I bought a cheap tension rod at Target...it was like $2.99 or something. No drilling required!

Then I found some cafe curtains on clearance, I only needed 1 of the valances (it came with 2). I use some jute-type stuff to tie it shut. I can easily untie it when I want to shut it. If you're handy with a sewing machine, you could buy a yard of fabric and just hem it up as needed.

For our side window I have that film (that others mentioned) on it. I don't really like it and definitely didn't want that to cover the entire window. I like to be able to look out the window during the day, and let some extra light in, but HATED it at night!

This has worked really well for us, and was less than $10 to do and only took a few minutes to put it up. HTH!

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If your new door is steel they have magnetic curtain rods. We have a couple of those that work really nicely.