OT new kitty

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OT new kitty

We (read as I ) found a kitten today while we were out on a walk. DH said to just leave it in the yard it was in, but it was meewing ferousiously so as a person who has had LOTS of kitties and kittens I knew that it probably didnt belong there. So i went up to the house, no one was home, so I went to another house. No one was home. So I just took him home and printed off some flyers. He let me hold him with almost no struggle all the way home, almost a mile, purring and nuzzling my chin the whole time So I printed off the flyers and went to a few houses where I found him and asked if they lost a kitty. No luck. So I taped some up and took him back home. He is so sweet, though really stands his ground with the two other cats, growling, hissing and fluffing at them. They are scared of HIM! So if no one claims him, I'll keep him. DH claims he doesnt like him, but he was grooming him (he has fleas ) and helped me give him a bath. While we were driving around the neighborhood he sat on my lap and purred and cleaned himself the whole time, and when I stopped he just climbed around looking for me! I might have my traveling kitty extrodinaire after all this time! Here's a few pics. He's orange MY FAV!! Zylin is learning to be nice, he has only draged him by his tail a few times (our other kitties dont have tails) and stepped on him a few times he still wants to cuddle with Zylin though. We still need a name... any sugestions? I wanted to name him Henry, I had this strange draw to it, then I realized its because the girls' cousins are named Sam and Henry , my other kitty is Sam...it was natural I guess. Silly me!

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AWWWW what cuties (both of them!)

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he is so cute!!!! Smile i have no idea about names!!

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Oh boy...I suck at names. He is C-U-T-E! Makes me want a kitty! Wink

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Ahhh, how cute!! I want cats again. (I'm allergic) Sad

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oh, what a sweet kitty!!!!!!! I almost wish we had one (almost, as I'm not up for the cat hair in the house again and the litter box - we had two kitties for a couple of years).