OT our snow!

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OT our snow!

Dont know if you've heard about the NW crazy snow we've been having but here it is at our house in Oly! Its up to 18 inches today and still coming down! We hardly ever get this much snow all in a row like this.

When it first started a few days ago till today.

And Zylin with his "Ice sword" Or typically known as an icesicle Wink

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:eek: I had read that on the news, but wow. that's a lot! I love the ice sword! He makes a cute knight! Wink

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OM Gosh, that is a ton of snow! We get that much over the course of the winter, never that much at one time.

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What GREAT pics!! That is a LOT of snow.

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Woah! Look at the icicle!!! HOLY COW! We got pummled with 2 snow storms here in NH this weekend too! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so done with snow and it's only December!

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While we have more snow here right now, I know that's a near historic (if not historic) amount for WA. Enjoy it. It's been too cold and windy here to make a snow man.

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Love the icicle!

We are all cozied up at home right now and thankful the power is back on. Just hoping it stays that way.

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we had power all day, now we dont Sad Thankfully dh always leaves his mac charged and so we were able to watch a movie and I have about 30 mins left on the bat Smile All of our surrounding neighbors across the streets have power, but our block doesnt.