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OT random thoughts ;) LONG

So 1st of all there should be a whatchamacallit shortened version of "Cat ON Lap" so my typos reflect what is going on..ya know like NAK ROFL My sweet boy Stewart, sits with me most often when Im on the computer.

* Funny story about my zoo of a house LITERALY! Warning Karen Wink So yesterday I went to lay down while Z watched Wall-e, this is normal for us...he's not the type of kid to get into stuff or do anything naughty by himself. So I lay down for a few minutes to rest but I keep hearing cat noises and him talking and talking. I decided to get up to see what was going on, and I come out and ask him "Zylin what are you doing?" He answers, "I let all the cats in" Very matter of factly. I said "Oh. Really?" I turn around and see a grey cat that we've let in the house recently, or he lets himself in when we open the door. He's not nice to our cats and our cats arent nice to him...so I tell the grey kitty he needed to go outside and shoo him out. (hes friendly to us but the cats dont get along) No big deal. I turn around and laugh, there is ANOTHER CAT...Ive never even seen this cat before in my life! He's friendly too, but our cats are P*sed that there are TWO male cats in the house. So I put this other cat outside, laughing histerically. I said "Zylin what is going on?!" He said, "I dunno, I let all the cats in!" I, still laughing. Told him just cause there are cats meowing at the door doesnt mean we can let all these cats in our house. I then went to the potty, and when I came out he said "sorry mommy" I said "for what?" He said "for all the cats" ROFL I told him while still laughing, its okay honey, mommy thinks its funny but we dont let strange cats in the house without asking first Wink

So this is also adding to the menagerie of creatures that frequent our yard. We've had all these cats in our yard that we've seen before but havent been around in a while AND ones we've never seen, along with the regular possums, and raccoons. And this afternoon we had a neighbor dog greet us at the car and sleep on our porch for a while. WHAT IS GOING ON!! Today in class I figured a possible reason for this newfound noah syndrome that seems to be following me. So in school our bible lesson this week is about Jesus teaching us how to pray, our first lesson was about thanking God, the second was about asking God for something. So the crazy cat lady I am...I am always in desire for MORE cats, I give the kids the example "Mrs. _____ is going to ask god for something...God Mrs. ____ wants more cats!" After I told my assistant the cat story. I realize. Oh Crap! Wink God is doing this to me! ROFL I guess I should be careful what I ask for Wink

Now tomorrow I need to make a flyer for this grey kitty cause I dont think he is going home, or has a home. He's been here two days for sure all day. Ive also been feeding him just in case. He just sits outside our house all day and night meowing, talking to our cats, and yowling. Again he's friendly and I would consider keeping him and taking him to the vet to get fixed (hes not and is spraying :?) and get cleaned up and get shots, but he an our also male cats (3) dont get along. So if someone doesnt claim him, I'll have to find a home for him or take him to a shelter.

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How CUTE is Zylin!!! Eli would LOVE your house. he loves kitties...he still looks for ours Sad he goes around the house saying "meow" and looking under and in everything. Sad if we lived closer we would take the grey one in Smile

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Okay I was lmao I can just picture you telling him no while laughing, I have done that so many times. Sometimes dh and I have to leave the room so the kids don't see us laughing.

Liz I am sorry you never found your cat I thought you had:(

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Lol So funny! I can just see the stray cats having a meeting telling the other cats where the home with the big heart for animals is!!!!! Zylin takes after his momma! Ah!

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Too cute! I think you should grab your camera and scrapbook this story!

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hehehe thats cute the he just simply "let all the cats in".
hopefully that gray kitty finds his home!!
i LOVE cats as well!