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OT rant/ warning (XP)

So, last night we were paying bills and I opened up our AT&T wireless bill. There was a $50 extra charge for something so I had to go through the 10,000 pages to try and figure out where it came from. I know we didn't go over our minutes, we have unlimited text and no roaming... what could it be? On DH's line, there were 3 charges from "playtone" and some other place. He called AT&T to inquire about them and ask them to remove the charge since he had never signed up for anything like that. While he was on hold, he looked the companies up online. Their webpages all look like those spam pop ups that we all just close when they happen to come up. So, when he talked to someone, she said that they were texting related and asked if he remembered getting any strange text messages. He did... something like "Do you know who the 7th president of the USA was?" He replied "Who is this?" and thought nothing else of it when no one replied. Well, that's where it all came from. The lady from AT&T told us that she would place restrictions on random texting but if we should happen to get any more, text back, "No Stop Remove". It's some scam where if you text anything other than that back, they add you to their subscribers. We had been charged $10 the previous month but hadn't noticed. She was very helpful and removed all of the charges - even the ones from last billing cycle - so it has been taken car of now, but it just really irks me that someone could do that!

So, there's your warning! If you get a weird text, reply with "No, Stop, Remove" or you might be charged!

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Glad they got that taken care of for you!

My BIL was just telling me my sister freaked out while paying bills the other day because their cell bill was $1,100! Turns out a couple weeks ago they had missed some phone calls from a number they didn't know...so my BIL called it to check who it was...and turns out it was an international spam caller thing, that then they hack your phone or something, so they had to have their phones reset and such. They have Sprint and Sprint told them to just pay their normal amount, and hopefully by next cycle the bill will be fixed.

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Wow, that is crazy! Thanks for the heads up.

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Nasty stuff!

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that's crazy!! I always ignore text messages from people I don't know. I hate text spam!

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Blummin eck! That's horrible! I'm going to tell DH about this. Wonder if there's something similar here yet... probably!