OT - remember my barter idea?

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OT - remember my barter idea?

Well, I finally have finished putting together my potential portfolio. I'm willing to take photos out (and my good friend suggested two of them to remove, but I'm waiting for more reviews before I take any out). Here's the link to the slideshow, let me know what you think:


And for those who missed my prior thread on it, what I'm hoping to do is barter my photography (plus a few prints - any other prints will be at my cost for them to purchase) for services, such as interior painting. I'm really hoping I can pull this off!

I'll be posting a thread on the photography board too, so don't feel like you have to reply in both places if you are on both boards.

Thanks for checking it out.

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Beautiful work! Biggrin :goodluck:

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Gwen- these are absolutely beautiful!! You do such amazing work! I wish I had the time to really get to know my Rebel... maybe someday (I just have too many hobbies!) Wink . too bad you didn't live closer, i would totally trade you some fun and creative cakes for some great family pictures! I hope your bartering goes well!

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I'd totally love one of your cakes too. It's a shame that we're over 3 hours apart. Sad

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I love them all!

On a side note: I LOVE that quote on the last storyboard. I get sick and tired of people looking at me (with 3 kids 4 and under) and saying: "Wow! You have your hands full!" It's not like it wasn't my choice to have these kids. That quote is just so perfect!

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Your work is BEAUTIFUL, I hope the barter system works well for you, I am sure you will have some takers! I wish I lived closer too, I would love to have some "real" professional pics taken of Jack, but money is just too tight right now, maybe someday.

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Those are all amazing Gwen. I love the 4th pic I think of Jack!

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I love the photos you picked. Your pp is awesome and they all look GREAT! I think this really showcases your work and is a nice portfolio of pics. I too would barter with you in an instant! Smile

But I do want to add my two cents since you asked. I would drop #11 and #22. Nat's picture just seems to stick out in the lineup and in the other one the boy's head looks like it's stuck on his body kind of funny.

And do you have any other group shots? I love all the portrait shots you've included, but knowing that you're presenting this to someone with a large family it might help to include some more group shots.


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I just am in awe of your work really. I would LOVE to have this skill. These are all so great! I am in need of a new camera as mine just shot craps and am trying to talk DH into a DSLR, but he's not interested as of yet. Think the fact that I dropped my last one so many times till it finally broke might be the reason why. Smile You will get barters I'm sure, your pics are so fabulous!

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Absolutely amazing! I love your work!

Nat's pic where she is holding up 4 sticks out to me. I zero in on the green dot on her thumb

All the others are wonderful!

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I agree with Beth...if u have any more group shots I would include those and Nat's picture sticks out at me too.

i'll try and go back later and see if there is anything else.

great work you are an awesome photographer .

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thanks girls!!!!

I don't have too many group shots yet, but I was thinking about including one of my Christmas kids portrait. What do you think?

IMG_1270 web

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Gwen, I think your Christmas pic would be a great addition to the portfolio!