OT XP: The finished renovations

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OT XP: The finished renovations

So... here are the finished hallway, livingroom, kitchen and blinds.

Forgive the mess. It's too dark to take pictures at night and the girls were pulling things out as fast as I could put them away.

We really like it. The congregation is calling me fashion forward now too because the painter has since gone to a seminar and these are the colors they called the "it" colors right now. : roll's eyes :

The lavendar looks like a lighter blue in some lights.

It's brighter in there then I've ever seen that room now! And yes, my house is one big open room opening into another big open room.

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Very pretty!! TFS

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I love the lavendar with the peach color! Very good eye! It looks great.

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That turned out great. Our house opens up like that too. I love it that way!

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looks nice!