(OT XP) Josiah Update (with pictures)

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(OT XP) Josiah Update (with pictures)

I thought I'd update you all concerning Josiah and his Mayo appointments since you've been such great support.... he's improved, but not enough. Every 2 or 3 days we have a day just as bad as before seeing the doctor. It's been 2 weeks since he was put on zantac, and his stomach started distending again, so we had to call the doctor back. Tomorrow morning I will go and pick up prilosec. It only comes in a powder, so now I have to pump a morning bottle for him to dissolve it into. Luckily I have still had overabundance problems with his stomach troubles. But forced pumping gets to be a pain.

I hate having to put him on a stronger medicine. At least we know it's not a food interaction anymore. I also just keep reminding myself that it's not surgery. Hopefully he responds well and then grows out of this after 6 months.

We have to call in to the doctor again in 2 weeks. He gained less then a pound in the last 2.5 weeks. She wants to make sure he's gaining enough and keeps gaining. He's just over 11 pounds now. He was 7lbs 11oz at birth. He's filling out, but I understand why she's concerned. If he wasn't spitting so much, he'd be huge.

At least the zantac, while not perfect, lets him sleep. He also finally started talking and making faces. Even if he only makes faces when he's going to spit, it's still super cute to see.

Here's some from Sunday.

There is a new one of the other kids in my siggie too. Wink

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Gosh Michelle, that poor little guy. I know you've been dealing with so much. Hugs girl. I am glad to hear they are going to try something different and at least are listening to you. I hoep that it helps. Hate forced pumping too...never worked well for me. Sad You are such a great mommy and he's so lucky to have you. He's such a doll too BTW. TFS pics of him. What a dolly!!

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:confused: Can't see the pics. I am sure he's a handsome lil man though!

Glad to hear he's doing a bit better. I hope and pray that this new med works better. Still praying. Thanks for the update!

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While Zantac was okay for us, Prilosec did wonders. Totally different kid after switching medications. Smile I hope the same for baby J! I EPed for 6 months (but we had other feeding issues anyway with a preemie) so I feel your pain about the pump.

Btw, they had Caleigh on Reglan as well. It has side effects, although we didn't have any problems. But it supposedly helps with the digestive muscles working right.

I LOVE the new pictures! You caught a ton of cuteness there! Smile

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Sorry he is not doing better yet. How frustrating. A friend of mine IRL is going through something similar and they think his is an allergy (milk, etc). Anyway, it is very stressful on Mommy, so I understand. Hope the new medicine works better.

He is adorable! Love the faces Smile

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Josiah is just too cute!!! I love all his expressions.
I'm sorry you are dealing with all this. :bigarmhug: I'll pray that this next medication will take care of the problem for him. Bless his heart.

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Will definitely keep your little guy in my prayers still! Must be very hard going through this but you are doing a great job and he is slowly improving! All the best with this new medicine! I hope he takes to it really well Smile He is SO adorable! And I loooooove the name Josiah. Biggrin

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oh he is too cute! i hope the new medicine does the trick. sorry about having to pump...I only ever pumped when I absolutely had to since I did it twice a day, 3 days a week at work and HATED having to do it any more than I already had to. You are such a great mom to get him the help he needs, pump for a bottle for the meds, etc. :bighug: Your other kids look so great in that siggy pic too...love the girls' dresses

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I'm sorry to hear he's not 100% yet, but it's good to know he's made some improvement and can sleep. I hope prilosec does the trick! He is such a lil cutie as are all your kids! TFS!

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I hate that you're still struggling with making him better. I hope the Prilosec does the trick for sure. He sure is a cutie though, and I'm so happy you shared so many pictures. And look at your siggy, you sure have adorable kiddos. Smile