Our recent rains (totally OT)

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Our recent rains (totally OT)

So Virginia weather has just been insane since December. I mean, we had a ton of snow this winter, which is unusual. And now that it's warmer, we've gotten a ton of rain. It rained from Friday though Monday this past weekend. On Sunday I had to go for a drive to charge my phone (DH took the charger with him when he went away over the weekend). I stopped at this creek to take a photo (or 5) of the flooding due to the rain. I wanted to show you this one. This is from closer to the same view point as the photo below it. You can see the tree with the white branches that's in the photo below it.

goose creek flood

This is the uncropped version that you saw in my brother's gift thread. Check out the green shed here vs above

Goose Creek

Wild, huh? That's a lot of rain!

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That is crazy! We've been getting a ton of rain around here to in NH and had dealt with the same storm system all weekend that you did Gwen. No fun at all. There was major flooding throughout the state and many people are just starting to recover from it as the rivers are just beginning to recede. We had water in our basement, but nothing horrendous, thankfully.

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Oh wow!!! I hate water and bridges, no way I'd get a picture of that. Smile But you did so great, what an amazing picture. TFS

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That's a lot of rain. We usually get rain everyday during the summer. Hopefully it doesn't rain up there the week we are there next month.

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Wow Gwen. I was thinking about you the other day while watching the news. Hope the rain quits soon. We had some major flooding last year.

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oh, that rain is totally done. it's sunny and beautiful out right now. the pictures of Andrew you saw on Flickr are from Tuesday, after the sun returned. of course, rain's in the forecast again for Sunday, but I don't think we'll get the kind of rain we just had.

Kebrina - we always have some spring rain, but mid April is usually quite nice. Smile

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Wow, that's nuts!! I hope the crazy weather stops for you soon!

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Yes that is wild. Great comparison pictures.

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that is unreal! so crazy!

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:eek:woah!! Were you not in the least bit scared getting on that bridge??! YIKES, that's crazy.