P & PT please (for Jan. 5th) (XP, OT)

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P & PT please (for Jan. 5th) (XP, OT)

Please send P & PT my way for next Wednesday, Jan. 5th. I'm going in for surgery to remove what I'm not-so affectionately calling 'The Thing' (the cyst/tumor on my ovary).

I did my pre-op admission clinic thing, and was surprised that they told me 3 nights in the hospital and 6 weeks off work. I'll update once I'm home and feel like being on the computer (or anyone who has me on FB will probably see if I post there on my phone, feel free to come and update everyone else!).

So if you could send me some thoughts about 1:30 MST (that's 3:30 EST) on January 5 when the surgery is underway, that'd be greatly appreciated! I'm hoping for the best possible outcome - they don't have to take either ovary and the tumor doesn't look like cancer.

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Definitely have you in my thoughts and prayers! I can't even begin to imagine how hard and scarey this must be for you! Positive thoughts and many prayers will certainly be the answer! :bighug:

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Definately will be praying for you!!!!

I'm surprised by the recovery too, hopefully that is worst case scenario and you can go home sooner!!!

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Yes definitely will pray for you and sending positive thoughts your way. Really hoping you get all those positive outcomes that you are hoping for as well.

Big Hugs!!

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I will keep you in my prayers, and I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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I will definitely be praying. Please keep us posted friend. That's quite a recovery. Hugs!

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I too will send up prayer for you Trina. Definitely praying for a smooth surgery and recovery. Please let us know how it goes okay?

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Trina, most definitely keeping you in my prayers. I can't believe that you'll be in the hospital for 3 days, that just seems so long. I hope the time passes quickly and that your recovery is smooth. Will keep an eye on FB for sure!

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T & P's being sent your way on the 5th! I agree, 3 days sounds awfully long. Are they doing a large incision, like a csection? That would explain it, then. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and ovaries stay intact!

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Thanks girls! Tracey - yes, they said the incision would be the same spot (or near) as my c-section scar. I guess that's better than having an up&down one as well as the c-section one. I'm getting nervous about the whole thing, but I know everything will be ok!