P365 Week 1

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P365 Week 1

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Wish the pics were a bit bigger so I could see them closer. Love the one of him on his daddy's arms while he's on the computer it looks like. Smile Adorable. TFS

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Here you go!

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Awesome. Great job on getting it put together. I like the design.

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Thank you for posting the bigger pics. Love how you captured the fun "little" moments. So sweet!

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Great job so far! I wish I was together enough to do this for my boys. I really like how you did the journaling. I should try that sometime.

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cute!!! Smile and I'm also glad you posted bigger versions.

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Hurray! I love seeing them next to each other like that, but thanks for posting them bigger, too. Smile

Sweet pictures and journaling

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I think I looked at week 2 before week 1, but I like both of them! You're doing a really good job!