packing/prepping for a crop???

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packing/prepping for a crop???

For those of you who have gone to crops or taken scrap stuff with you places, how do you prepare? One lady I know preplans pages and takes the supplies she needs for the pages...a girl I work with takes an assortment of stuff. Anyway, I am planning on taking some things on vacation with me next week. I won't take my cricut, but I recently scored some awesome supplies from craigslist - paper and stickers, including a TON of alphabet stickers. So either I can use the alpha stickers for my LOs or make the LO and leave the title for later when I am home with my cricut. So, should I preplan pages and bring the papers, embellishments, etc. or just bring an assortment based on the topics I will be scrapping or a little of both? Opinions from those of you who have been there would be awesome! Thanks!

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I do a monthly scrap night with a couple girlfriends. To prep for that I print my photos, and then gather together papers based on what I'll be scrapping. For example, I only pack Christmas paper if I have Christmas photos. I only pack girly paper if I'm scrapping my daughter so if I only print pics of my son I don't bother with my pink/purples/floral paper & embellishments.

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I've done a few scrap weekends. I pack my bag with the photos that i want to scrap and the paper i want to use for sure. I then bring my embelishments and all my plain paper...... depends on how much stuff you have,but i have like a bag i use with my embleshments in them so it's easy to carry it around. I plan on getting one or two projects done, depending on what it is. Last year i did my wedding album, so that's all i worked on.

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I have never packed for a crop. I wouldn't even know where to start. lol