page done with scraps

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page done with scraps

I wanted to post this page I have been working on. I have done a few like this but not sure if I ever posted step by step so here it goes. ps. the ribbon I used was from the train! Thanks whoever added it.
!st get a piece of white cardstock.

Next pick out some scraps it works best if they are all in the same color family. I picked all green scraps


Place scraps on white piece like a puzzle use your trimmer to make it all work. You made need to overlap. Once you have it how you like it then glue down


Then add your pics.



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cute! and man alive, what a little sweetheart Smile

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Beautiful!!! Both the layout and the little one. Perfect!

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very cool! I should try something like this, I have a drawer FULL of scraps the right size.

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very nice work! I will have to put my scraps to use someday!

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Okay now I have a reason to keep all my scraps.

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Very lovely! I never have enough laying around that big Wink I always use em up making cards or whatever. Very nice LO!

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What a FABULOUS idea!! TFS

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That turned out great!

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great worK!!!!!!

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That is a great idea! Cute page and cut pic.

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That's GREAT! Scraps that big I do save for all my cards. But I love how you have your scraps organized (I remember you posting that before)....makes me want to get my rear in gear and organize by color! The ribbon going across the picture is so nice Tia! I love it! THANKS for sharing the step-by-step pics too!

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Love this LO! I use my scraps mainly on cards, but you've inspired me to use them on LOs as well!

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Great page! TFS your step by step pics on it.

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I really like that idea. I'll have to give that a try.

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That is a great idea, I have been building scraps now but don't have enough that work well together enough to do this yet but one day I will.

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This is just awesome, thanks for sharing!

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"MommyCB" wrote:

But I love how you have your scraps organized (I remember you posting that before)....makes me want to get my rear in gear and organize by color!

I organized mine by color about a month ago, and I split them into two folders, one for big scraps like these, and one for smaller ones (each folder is organized by color). It has been sooo nice to know exactly where to look for things, and I find myself using them so much more now that it's easy to find them!

TFS the LO, Tia!

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Love this idea! So simple yet so creative.