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page question

I'm doing seperate books for my girls. for holidays like easter (i'm working on deciding on which pics to print) would you just focus on the ones where its just them alone or like for coloring easter eggs put a few in where she's with her sister or in their easter dresses... TIA (i don't know if that question was very clear :? )

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I would include pics of both. I would want them to be about the total memory so she can look back at it later.

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ITA with Stephanie. The whole memory is what it's all about.

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I agree. I would put pictures of it all in there.

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I was thinking about it some more and I really think it would be great to have pictures of the two of them in there. Because eventually I assume you will give these books to the girls and it will be nice for them to be able to look back at times shared together.

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I agree with the PP. I think what Kelly said is perfect.

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I was thinking that you would want to do both, on their own but then have other pics with memories of them together. As said by Kelly.

Maybe what you can do is 1 page of them on their own and the 2nd page a memory with both of them in it.

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when my kids do stuff together, I have been doing 2 page lo's, one page that is about each of them, and one page about them both/all.