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Pages from Feb VC - last pages added

I'm just going to add my pages here as I do them ... so this thread will be in edit mode until tomorrow late afternoon. Wink

Here's a layout of Andrew's first baby tooth lost. I used a cool black screen vellum for the paper on the left. Wink Lightning bolt as my embellishments (at Andrew's request).

Here's the journaling:

Andrew’s tooth had been loose for a couple of months.
His adult tooth was fully up behind the baby tooth,
but he just couldn’t get that first baby tooth out.
Finally, it got so loose that he could almost
push it out with his tongue.
He took a napkin, twisted, and the tooth came out!
He was so proud of himself for taking out his first tooth!

February 2008

I don't know what book to put this in ... I thought I was going to put it in Andrew's prof pic book (cause look how cute he is!) but his book is a CM book so I'd have to take 1/4 inch of each side and lose some of that patterned paper. My 2004 book is full ... I'd have to see if there's a random page for me to take out (sometimes I put in a page that's not from that year that I went back in the past to do).

Here's the last two pages, first one done last night (and is my circles entry for the challenge here) and the second one this afternoon. I am VERY PLEASED with how these came out. First time I've ever done pages like this (with the big mat of many smaller matted and cut pictures). The background paper is white but it has specks of different colors in it. I wish that showed up better in the pictures. The sky was overcast when I took these outside, the colors really aren't done justice in these pictures.

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wow!! Great pages!! you have more coming?! WOOT WOOT! (I love the pregnancy picture.... those are sooo great! - I can't wait to have mine - although my belly won't look as pretty as yours!) Lol

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I love the paper in the background of the prof. pics layout! Gorgeous kids! Cool lightening bolt mom. Smile

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Your kiddos are such cuties! Love the pages Biggrin

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I love them all and can't wait to see more. I sure wish I had the time to visit you all over there this weekend. But our daughter has volleyball and our son has basketball all weekend.

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I love your work! My fave is the pregnant belly page. The title in that circle is cool. Aren't these crops fun? They sure get me to finish a lot of LO's!

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Cute pages! I love how you have the pics laidout in the dutch wonderland lo. And the prof pics page looks great, I love the strip of pics down at the bottom of the 2nd page.

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WOW! So cute!

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Love the dutch wonderland pages!

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Great lo's, I really like the prof. pics layout, great job.

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Good job on getting so many done. I love them all. I like that you put so much journaling on the tooth page so that he will always remember it. I also love your "circles" page, you did such a good job of blending the different pictures and shapes.

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Those are really great Gwen! I love the belly pic! I just think it is adorable! TFS!

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