Paper Organization (okay I admit it, mini scrapbooking rant)

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Paper Organization (okay I admit it, mini scrapbooking rant)

Just wondering how do you have your paper organized? I have three giant expando paper holders one with 8 x 11 paper divided by color, more or less, blues, reds, greeens....

One just for scraps that isn't organized in any way shape or form. The scraps just get shoved in there.

And one that has 12 x 12 paper with the basic colors like the 8 x 11 but also has a section for "baby", "plaid", "polka dots/circles" and "patterns" which don't really fit any of the sections above.

But it's all such a mess. I would love for some organizational skills to get me through this disaster of my three scrapping areas (yes I have three sections in which I keep everything). I have my bedroom dresser cupboard. I tried using it for sweaters but everytime I pulled one out, they all fell out, so now I just keep my stamp containers and my big miscellaneous tub of scrapbooking stuff in there. My tote that my mom got me for christmas that holds a lot more miscelllaneous stuff, including paper, and my cupbard under my tv with all my paper and well more miscellaneous stuff. This isn't including the two boxes I have with little drawers and slots I have to keep more stuff in.

Why does scrapbooking have so much stuff?

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I have mine in cropper hoppers. One is organized by color using ROY G BIV. I have a second that is divided into the following categories: vellum/glitter, christmas, holiday, baby, event, specific, brown/blue, misc. I just made categories until the majority of my paper had a home. My scraps are in file folders also divided by ROY G BIV and one for patterned paper.

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I also use cropper hoppers and don't know how I ever managed without them. It makes finding paper sooo much easier. I have all my scraps in with their respective colors, but sounds like I don't have as much paper as yall do. Smile Even though I think I have tons, so maybe this is why I can store my scraps this way. But I like it cause I can use my scraps easier when they're organized by color. I just keep the scraps in the front of the folders.

I agree though that there is so much stuff and it's hard to keep it all straight. THis is why I have such a hard time buying more stuff for myself, I need to use the junk I already have. Smile

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I sort mine by favorite. I used to go by color but then I was searching forever. My scraps and solid color cardstock are still by color but as for pattern the top rack is what I love and it goes from favorite to least favorite. My poor bottom papers lol

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mine are by color for solids then for patterns I have the following sections: boy, girl, patterns (that doesn't fit into boy/girl), holiday, vellum

but mine is a mess too. totally need to go through them. wish I could have a childfree weekend just for sorting and scrapping ...

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Another cropper hopper gal here! I've got one for all cardstock, and one for all patterned paper. How's that for organized? LOL

Scraps, I cut down to 6x6 so they stay nice and neat. If it's not 6x6...too bad! Garbage! Well, unless it's one of my favs Wink

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I have a draw tower like this The top 2 shallow drawers have compartments for embellishments, the next 4 shallow drawers I use for paper.... One for full sheets of random patterned paper (that I buy loose or in small packs like target $1 section), one for full sheets of single solid papers (same as above, bought loose, etc.), one for large scraps of solid, one for large scraps of patterned. The bottom 3 big drawers come out and have lids that each of those I have large packs (one solid, one patterned, and one christmas pacK)

I have a coupon sorter (small expandable file) that I put small scraps in, sorted by colors. I have a hanging file folder thing that I keep 8.5x11 paper, 8x8 paper, and paper that is partially used for cricut cuts. One of my 3 drawer towers, I keep 4x6 mat stacks in.

Hmm it would appear that I have lots of paper hahaha!

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I have a few plastic drawer systems that have several shallow 12x12 footprint drawers that are each roughly 4" tall. It works well for me. I am never fully organized though, unless I haven't scrapped in a while. It can get frustrating with all the stuff but it just wouldn't be fun without it all.

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I would love to have one of those organizers Lauren has! Super cool! I store mine in Cropper Hopper-like bins too.