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Paper Organizing

Does anyone have any suggestions?? I bought one those small files that hold 3 individual files, but I have a lot of the big packs of paper and after you pull out so many pages, it starts to fall apart.
I am a paper ***** so I buy all this really cool patterned papaer with a plan, but by the time I get to work, I have forgotten about the paper and its a waste.
Please, show me how you organize!! Help me with my paper trauma!

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Charlotte - I have FOUR Cropper Hoppers, and that is working out really well. I had three, but bought a fourth two weeks ago, and that evened it all out (as the three were crammed - you've seen them when you were here, right?). I have two dedicated to solid paper and two dedicated to patterned, and they're all somewhat organized. The solids are by color, the patterned by type (girl paper, boy, holiday, all occasion)

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I have a 12x12 hard plastic storage tote that holds about 300 pieces of paper. It's almost full. Smile
ETA: My husband's niece bought me a scrap pack with 180 papers in it, so that is why it's brimming. YAY!

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For Christmas this year, my DH bought me the scrapbooking table that Walmart had on Black Friday (for only $75!) so that has some storage space in it (although I haven't actually seen it put together yet, I only saw the picture in the Walmart many more days till Christmas?!? LOL). Also, I have a plastic rolling cart that has 13" deep drawers, so they are perfect for standing my paper up in. I have a small black bookshelf that holds my containers of buttons and other embellishments, and the scrapbook table has a place for hidden storage of my Cricut machine (which I will also be getting on Christmas day!)