Paper at Sam's Club

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Paper at Sam's Club

So, DH told me yesterday to go and buy 2 Cricut carts. They were 2 for 89 at Hobby Lobby and $39 each at Joanns. Only when I got there they were all carts that I could get for $29 from custom crops so I didn't get any. I also didn't give the money back! Wink

Today we went to Sam's to get a few things and I found these paper packs for $20 each. I was only going to get one but DH found another one that was open and it was the only one they had, so I got it too. They really, really have some cool paper in there. They are all patterned on one side and solid on the other. One pack came with ABC stickers too. I have know idea when I will use this much paper! Biggrin

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Wow!! What a great deal. Can't wait to see all the pages those will do!

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:eek: Makes me want to hop in my car and drive to Sam's in the morning! WTG on finding a good deal like that!! You have a sweet DH too. Do you know which carts you are going to get?

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LOL - I want some of that, too! You ladies are killing my pocketbook! Wink

What a great deal!

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I have such a paper addiction now...and that just makes me crazy!! LOL Good for you for a good deal. Smile

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Very cool!!!!

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Umm I'll tell you how to use all that paper! Start Makin stuff Wink Im using ALL my paper and am running out of cardstock AGAIN for the second time this week :shock: Start makin valentines for your kids girl! They'll think they're great...the cupcakes would be really cute with some of that paper!

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Carrie- I know exactly what you mean. I can spend forever on the paper aisle at Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

Charys- You are right about DH! He's a good guy. I want about...well them all! ROFL

Here's my wish list (a girl can dream):
Beyond Birthdays
Opposites Attract
Mini Monograms
Graphically Speaking

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whoa that stash is huge! :D:D

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Holy toledo!!! Unfortunately that means there is none left more me. Sad J/K

I discovered tonight that I need to buy some plain cardstock as I have no good browns or greys and I need more green. Anybody know of any other good sales?

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if you have a joanns they have open stock paper and cardstock on sale right now. 5 for 95 cents I think.

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The last time I looked, we still had those paper stacks at our SAM's. I bought one of them last year and I still have a ton left. I thought those colors/designs would be good to use with the Animal Kingdom cartridge. but I haven't actually used it with that cart except when I was just playing around.

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