Paper Scrapbooking - Tools, tips, and ideas

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Paper Scrapbooking - Tools, tips, and ideas

Newbie List of Things To Get:
journaling pens
patterned paper (pp)
stickers (alpha or other?)
adhesive (tape runner, photo splits, glue stick etc)
paper cutter
an album
ruler or t-square

eyelets and setting kit
circle cutter
die cuts
ink pads
acrylic paint

Basic Scrapbooking at Barnes & Nobles University
Scrapbooking 101
Learn 2 Scrapbook

Favorite on-line stores

Free stuff & free fonts!

Quotes, Poems & Phrases

Scrap Maps
Sketch and Ad Inspiration @ Kindred Creations
Time to Scrap Sketches
Creating Keepsakes Sketches Create a Page
Stickers n' Fun Sketches
Scraptivity Sketches
Simple Scrapbooks Schemes
Sketches at
Rachel's album full of sketches

Card Sketches -- that link will take you to a post that has 2 links you can download in a Word document with card sketches and then a picture of a card done with that sketch.

Links for ABC albums:

Techniques and templates:
Here is a link to a library card holder template: Library card holder
Envie template

Scrapbooking Motivational Ideas
These ideas were compiled by Ginger Morgan, Kristi Martin, and other scrapbookers on the web. Use them to help you get over your scrappers block anytime!

Use the name of a TV Show for a title
Use the name of a song for a title
Use the name of a book for a title
Use the word “Love” in the title
Use a computer-generated title
Use stickers for a title
Use a hand written title
Cut out the letters for a title
Use die-cut letters for a title
Use the title only to explain your pictures—no journaling
Use a pre-made title
Dangle something from a letter in the title using a wire, raffia, string, or something
Use Plaid paper for the title or for the background of the title
Mix template letters for the title
Weave a fiber behind title
Cut a title from a cursive font
Sew a title
put your title down the side of the page
Put title letters on individual tags
Dot the "I"s in your title with an embellishment
Use buttons for the “O”s or the center of your “O”s in your title.

Use all pastel colored paper
Use a Black Background—can be black printed paper
Use crumpled paper on a layout
Use all scraps except for the background paper
Use bright colors for a layout
Use metallic paper somewhere in the layout
Use suede paper
Use “wood” paper or regular paper that looks like wood
Use 3 different patterned paper in the same layout
Use red, white, and blue on the layout
Use only cardstock on a layout
Use only patterned paper on a layout
Use vellum on a layout
Use at least 3 shades of the SAME color on a layout
Convert an 8 ½ x 11-inch page to a 12x12 layout!
Use embossed paper
Use diamond dust paper
Use mulberry paper
Emboss your own background paper (wet or dry)
Use any other “specialty paper” and tell us about it!

Take a layout you have done that you love, and recreate it with different colors and a different theme. (In other words, CASE a layout of your own!)
Scrap a Holiday in “non-traditional” colors—(Pastel Christmas, Pastel New Years???)
Scrap any celebration
Scrap a family tradition
Scrap an event that includes some sort of food (Picnic, Thanksgiving, restaurant)
Scrap a sports event or a game
Do a layout that includes toys in some way
Do an Animal layout (zoo, pets, could be Halloween, ???)
Do a SPRING layout
Do a SUMMER layout
Do a FALL layout
Do a WINTER layout
Do a Heritage layout
C.A.S.E. a layout-- (other than your own) (copy and steal everything J)—use the same colors and techniques.
Do a WATER layout (beach, pool, pond, bathtub, rainstorm—squirt-gun--anything water—could also be a snow layout!)
Use a quote on a layout
Use a prayer on a layout
Use a Bible verse on a layout
Do a mosaic layout
Do a “Totally Me” layout using your pictures of you doing your “stuff.”
(Share this online for an extra point!)
Scrap a Patriotic Page
Scrap a current event (within the past year)
Do a vacation layout
Use “Something from the Kitchen” in a layout (?)
Scrap an accomplishment—yours or family member
Do an “ITS BROKEN” layout—(Toy, leg, car ???)
Use a poem on a layout (extra point if you write the poem!)
Do a Holiday layout
Do a paper-tearing layout
Do a “Like father like son” or “Like Mother Like Daughter” layout (like grandpa-like granddaughter?) mother-son, father-daughter,
(doesn’t have to have that title, just that content)
Do a “STEP INTO THE PAST” layout--
Do a HOUSE AND HOME layout
Do a CAREER layout (if you are a SAHM or Grandma—that is a career!)
Do a SCHOOL layout
Do a CHURCH activity layout
Do a BEFORE and AFTER layout (diet, pregnancy, dirty to clean)
Do a Color-Blocking layout
Do a “Nautical” layout
Do a SAND layout—(either in color, texture, content—use your own judgment)
Make a “page that moves” Pop-up or pull
Do a peek-a-boo page
Make a layout without pictures—must have journaling
Put memorabilia on a page (like coins, baby bracelet, tassel from graduation)
Make a quilt page
Make a pocket page
Do a panoramic layout (with those page protectors that make it a 4-page layout)
Do a garden layout
Do a paper folding on a layout
Decorate the four corners of layout
Use a photo for template letters
use at least three photos on a page
Do calligraphy

Make a scene with stickers
Use stickers for the border
Use MAMBI stickers on a layout
Use Paper Moon Stickers on a layout
Use Debbie Mumm Stickers or punchouts on a page
Use stickers in another way and tell us about it.

Use buttons on a layout
Use something from nature
Make and use a shaker box
Sew or cross-stitch on a layout
Use photo corners
Use glitter or a glitter pen on a layout
Use raffia on a layout
Use Twine on a layout
Use wire on a layout
Use watercolor pencils on a layout
Use colored pens on a layout
Use SQUARES on a layout
Use Circles on a layout
Use beads on a layout
Use a paper doll
Tear a paper piecing and use it on a layout
Make and use a paperpiecing
Use an embellished die cut
Use punch art on a layout
Use Daisies on a layout (die cuts or ???)
Use pressed flowers or leaves on a layout
Use Ladybug theme
Use Dragonflies on a layout
Use a NSBR (non-scrapbook related) embellishment
Use “stars” on a layout (stamped, punched, stickers—on the paper??)
Make MOSIAC FRAMES for the pictures
Use ready-made frame
Use some “BUMPER CROPS” on a layout
Use TAG art on a layout
Use ribbon on a page
Use eyelets
Do “quilling” on a page
Do paper weaving
Use Magic mesh
Do paper PIERCING on a page (with a needle or tool)
Use pop dots
Use fabric on a page
Use BRADS on a layout
Pen-stitch on a layout
Use Holly leaves and berries as an embellishment
Use a “sound” button (some play music, or record your own)
Use an embellishment not listed—and tell us what the embellishment is so we can use it too!
Cut graphics from a patterned paper to use as embellishment.
Use Fibers
Use Charms
Use lace

Make and use a journaling “square.”
Use a ready-made Journaling square
Journal in your own handwriting
Use computer-generated journaling
Use a journaling genie or a coluzzle (shape) to make a Journaling square
Journal on a photo mat
Journal using a list
Journal two points of view for each picture
Journal under a "lift up" photo
Use one word adjectives to describe the person in a picture
Write a letter to the person in the layout
Pick key words in your journaling to highlight with borders or larger font

Use Coluzzles to make a layout
Use a Xyron
Use something from a sizzix
Dry emboss on a layout
Wet emboss on a layout
Use rubber stamps on a page
Use a “page planner’ or other placement template
Use a template of any kind
Use a doodle cutter or Blade runner
Use chalk on a layout
Use a Magic Matter
Use a corner punch
Use a decorative punch
Use decorative scissors
Use straight scissors
Use paper cutter
Use a paper crimper
Use a “NEW TO YOU” tool
Use a tool not listed

Use black and white pictures on a layout
Use Color tinted pictures on a layout
Use a 5x7 or larger picture on a layout
Silhouette a picture
Crop a picture into a circle
Use a panoramic picture on a layout
Frame a picture with the same picture-(cut out part of it)

© Copyright 2002,

50 Ways to Use Stamps
1. Use alphabet stamps to make your title on a strip of cardstock
2. Cut out the individual letters and pop dot them for an even jazzier title
3. Stamp directly on your photos
4. Get a personalized stamp with your return address for all your correspondence
5. Get a personalized stamp with “handmade by ____” to mark all your creations
6. Stamp a small image over and over again to make your own patterned paper
7. Try the above with Versamark ink for an even subtler background pattern
8. Stamp with acrylic paint
9. Use a phrase stamp on the inside of a card to make it even more professional-looking
10. Stamp lines in Versamark as a guide for straight handwritten journaling
11. Use an inkpad, without a stamp, directly on your paper to jazz up the edges
12. Stamp a flower and add a brad or eyelet for the center
13. Use small alphabet stamps to make captions for photos
14. Stamp a word on a tag to highlight the theme of your page
15. Stamp an image multiple times, color in and cut out the pieces to overlap and form your own paper piecing
16. Stamp an image and cut out, then pop dot or use on your page just like a sticker
17. Emboss your stamping for extra shine or the 3D effect
18. Use one set of stamps throughout an entire mini album to tie it all together
19. Use stamps to decorate the cover of a cloth album so that it coordinates with the theme of the pages inside
20. Practice stamping on scrap paper and use the result as a pretty bookmark
21. Use wheel stamps for handmade gift wrap
22. Use a wheel stamp to make patterned paper
23. Use a wheel stamp for a quick and easy border
24. Stamp on paperclay and punch a hole in the top to make your own charms
25. Stamp on a magnetic sheet and cut out for cute handmade magnets to give as a gift
26. Stamp an image in black ink and color it in
27. Stamp an image in clear ink and emboss in clear, then rub colored ink over the paper so that you get a reverse image
28. Stamp an image in black and use a sponge dipped in ink/pressed on the inkpad to color in the image – looks even better if you "don’t" stay inside the lines
29. Stamp in Versamark and dab chalk over the top for a softer image
30. You can also try stamping with chalk
31. Stamp a whole scene and mat it just like a photo
32. Overlap stamped images for a collage look
33. Use an alphabet stamp to make monogram patterned paper
34. Use word stamps to make interesting patterned paper
35. Try stamping your title with mismatched or different sizes of alphabet stamps for a funky/ransom note look
36. Customize your home décor by stamping on your walls
37. Stamp on fabric – aprons, dishtowels, tote bags, swatches for scrapbook pages, etc
38. Stamp the sides of a post-it note cube for a cute gift
39. Use stamps on your holiday cards – makes it easier to mass produce the same design over and over
40. Print business cards or address labels from your computer and stamp an image in the corner to jazz them up
41. Stamp off on scrap paper once before stamping so that the image is softer and you can read text through it
42. When making background paper, stamp two or three times before re-inking – you get even more ‘shades’ out of just one color this way
43. Use Staz-On ink to stamp on vellum or metal
44. Stamp on polyshrink and bake it to make your own plastic charms
45. Stamp on bottle caps for an even jazzier embellishment
46. Use a stamped image as the outline for creating a wire shape
47. Use a word stamp to stamp on ribbon or twill
48. Leave space in printed journaling to stamp a few words so that they stand out
49. Use stamps to fill in the smaller squares in a colorblocking page
50. Get non-toxic ink and stamp on yourself – makes a cool temporary tattoo! (kids love this one too).

Here is a link with how to's on various altered projects.
Altered Art

Altering Items:
**Altered frames.
Altered Frame 1
Altered Frame 2
Altered Frame 3
**Cutting Board. These are super cute!
Cutting Board 1
Cutting Board 2
**Door hanger
**Altered notebook
**Small can
**Wooden Letters
**CD 1
CD 2
**Metal bin
**Paint Can
**Wooden box
**Accordian album
**Paper Bag Album

25 Ways to Use Ribbon:
1. Tie through buttons
2. Make a border using a variety of or single color & patterns
3. Run along a pattern paper edge
4. Wrap around a photo
5. Use alphabet stickers on it
6. Hang a photo from a ribbon hanger
7. Stamp words on it
8. Use with pre-made products to give it your “personal touch”
9. Tie through eyelets or punched holes along an edge
10. Attach to metal embellishments like paper clips, spirals, photo anchors, jump rings or safety pins
11. Make a tie or bow and glue anywhere
12. Hang tags from it
13. Use for photo corners
14. Wrap around or tie to slide mounts or large monogram letters
15. Use to tie something closed like a mini-album, tag book, journal or card
16. Make loops or tabs for opening or pulling out hidden journaling
17. Attach a label holder with it
18. Wrap around a pre-made photo frame
19. Apply rub-on letters on it
20. Tuck photos under a ribbon border
21. Frame a picture or accent with ribbon
22. Tie around journaling blocks
23. Hang charms from it
24. Tie around strips of cardstock or paper
25. Use up your ribbon “scraps” to make a loop or tab border

Ways to Attach Ribbon:
* Glue Dots Clear Lines
* Glue
* Xyron
* Brads
* Eyelets
* Staples
* Sewing
* Safety Pins

Here is a tutorial on HANDCUTTING TITLES...

Here is how I do it...
In Microsoft Word...Insert Word Art - select your font and your size - if it isn't big enough that's okay we can fix that later. Click OK.

Right click on the Word Art and select properties. On the Size tab, click on the Lock Aspect Ratio check box, then adjust the width to how wide you want it on your LO.

On the bottom left of the Word screen, you will see the draw button, click on it and then select Rotate or Flip then Horizontal. This will get your text backwards on the page for cutting purposes.
(If for some reason this option is greyed out you will have to use Powerpoint to do this - the steps are the same!)

Now print your text on regular old paper - before I print I put an X on the top of the paper that is feeding through so I know which way to put it back in the printer. Then adhere your cardstock or pp - with temporary adhesive to the page with the side you don't want showing face up - in other words the non-textured side of Bazzill or the white side of the PP. Feed it through the printer again - remember your X is at the top of the feeder and will go through the machine last! Print it again. Peel the printed part off and rub off the temporary adhesive.

Now you are ready to cut, with a glass mat or a piece of glass (I use one from an old photo frame) and you'll need a craft knife (like this - you will need to snap off the blade every so often - a sharp blade is really important.

this is how I do it - some people cut out the whole letter with the craft knife I don't. I cut out the centers of the letters with the craft knife - i.e. o's, a's, d's, etc. Then I use my Cutterbees and handcut the outsides of the letters. Always cut out the centers first as it is harder to cut them out if you do them last! When cutting with the craft knife you want to turn the paper as you go and feed it through the knife kind of like you do when you are sewing. Hope that makes sense. I do the same with my Cutterbees when cutting turn the paper not my hand or the scissors.

Then I adhere my letters with my Xyron or with a glue stick depending on size.

I hope that made sense - if not I can take some photos next time I do it. We should probably add this to the free stuff post!

DIY Tips
Creating Keepsakes Tips

List of items to bring to a crop:
Page Kits - include pictures, paper, embellishments, sketch, and journaling
Extra Photos (in case you get through all your kits)
Fine Point Scissors
Deco Scissors
Paper Trimmer
Black Journaling Pen
Idea Book(s)/Sketch Book
Bottled Water
Letter Stickers
Photo Corners (various colors)
Extra Cardstock
Money to spend!
Date Stamp Kit & Ink
Tags (all kinds)
Coupons (for all stores)
Xyron X
Wish List of items to buy
Page protectors or a box to put finished pages for protection till you get them in an album

Tips for preparing for a crop:
Create kits for each layout. Include a basic sketch, pattern papers and embellishments. 2 Gallon Plastic baggies are a cheap alternative to pricier plastic folders. I usually plan one layout an hour and then divide number of hours by two and throw in that many extra kits. For a 5 hour crop I'd bring 8 kits. (FYI - I've been doing this casually for all my pics. Just taking out photos and creating kits with just paper and photos. Spend one evening doing this. It takes a lot of the time out of planning when you have time to scrap and now I'm finding int he time it used to take to do one LO I'm doing 2 or 3!)

If you are going to use the computer to journal you can either figure out where to print the information ahead of time or print onto transparency so that you can adjust placement more asily.

Hidden journaling can be another option. Bring some tags and some hinges if you don’t like your handwriting.

Keep list of items to bring in a file on your computer. Print it out as needed for each crop.

When in doubt, LIFT - makes the creative juices get going and allows you to get more done.

Organization – Scrapbook Kits
Organizing and Packing for a Crop
Organizing for a Crop
123's of Organizing for a Crop
Getting Organized for a Crop

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A great resource website -

It's listed under "quotes" but it has so much more than that listed.

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I am just getting familiar with this forum, but I wanted to add that creative memories has some great tools and kits.