Paper Scrappers.. photo storage..

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Paper Scrappers.. photo storage..

how do you keep your photos organized? Jeez, I have a ton. I have to dig through the huge stack to see what I want to scrap and which pics go together, because they always get mixed up.

I have my pics super duper organized on my computer, but it is these prints that are making me nuts.

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honestly i just keep my pictures in the sleeves after they are printed. I do not keep them in any order. And all the ones I am not using just get tossed in my photo box I have in my craft space. I really should organize it some way.

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I'm really bad about this. I too keep them in the sleeves I get when they are printed and then the sleeves are put into a photo box. When I scrap more, the leftover pics get filed under the year they are taken but that is about as chronological as I get. Since I haven't scrapped in so long, the pile of printed photos is climbing.

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I just keep them in the envelopes they came in, if I don't use them on a page. I need to figure out a better way myself....

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Mine aren't exactly real organized but I have one of these and one of these

i need to work on organizing them more though, but i love my storage containers, especially the iris one because the holders are hard plastic so if you need to travel with pictures they are safe from getting bent and such

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I have an old photo box that I put all the ones I am not scrapping in, which is a TON since I make doubles of all my pics. Then I have another just hard cardboard box that I am starting to fill also. Figure I organize them in my books, the rest can be mumbo jumbo...they're just extras anyway. Smile

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I use the photo storage boxes from Hobby Lobby. They come plain or with cute prints and comes with re-usable spacers. They also hold a lot of photos! Best part- They're cheap: I think 3.99 regularly and on sale a lot for 1.99. I have 5 of them!!

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I have a photo box and a shoe box. If the pics have already been scrapped or if they are something that I am not scrapping, then they go in the not scrapping box. If they are pics I need to scrap then I have them in order with my favorites first.

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I have those photo boxes and I have one for each year from 2000-now. I have all the pics separated according to month and use the dividers to separate them, I write the month on each one. It works really well that way, if I want to know if I have a pic printed I just go to the box under the month and year it was taken, makes it super easy to see what I have printed.

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