Paper trimmer ?

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Paper trimmer ?

I need a paper trimmer as I still cut pics and paper with scissors and it is NEVER totally straight. Smile Can you tell me what kind you have and/or recommend? TIA

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Oh, my goodness, girl! You better get yourself one STAT!!!! I can't imagine cutting everything with scissors - I would go nuts! My paper trimmer is the one thing that I really could not scrapbook without. Well, and paper of course! Lol

Mine is Fiskars brand, and I got it at AC Moore probably five years ago. I do like it, although it's the only one I have ever had so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I would guess that it was around $20, but I really have no clue. The replacement blades are sold in a 2 pack for around $5, and I buy a pack maybe once or twice a year (at the beginning it was even less often), just depends how much you're going to use it.

Oh, I would make sure that it has a way for you to measure out to a full 12 inches (mine has a little arm that can fold in or out so that it's not so big to store, but you can still measure anywhere on your paper). I would think that most (all?) of them do that, but that really comes in handy and I wouldn't buy one that didn't do that.

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I have a CutterBee. I really like it and can't imagine doing anything without it!

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OMG! If there is one thing I would say is a must have, it's a paper trimmer! You will save yourself so much time with one too. I think I have the same one as Katie. I really like it b/c its lightweight. Here's what I have:

I had one that was much larger(12x12 without it having a folding arm) and heavy and bulky that I had at school. The blades were really expensive for it so I bought this one instead of replacing the blade. I got mine at Wal-mart for about $20. The blades are fairly cheap too ($5 for 2). I always get them at Michael's with a 40% coupon when I need more. HTH

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I have the fiskars with the folding arm and I've only had to replace the blade once in a year and a half. Like pp said, blades are cheap enough. I love mine. I lost it for a few months and I bought a cheapie made by Cricut, I hated it. The ruler didn't lift up so you had to slide paper under it, which often jammed and the blade was no where near as good. I love mine, but if I had to replace now, I'd get the one that has the light underneath so you can see more clearly where you are cutting.

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Yeah Carrie, a paper trimmer is a must have! Wink You'll wonder how you ever scrapped before without it. I have the one Walmart sells...Fiskars. I think it was like 14.99. I like it because when the blades dull, they have the refills locally too.

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Okay Carrie how do you have a CRICUT and not a trimmer???? I could not scrap w/o mine at all. I have the friskars one. Smile

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I used to use a little one that was a fiskars I think, but I found that it didnt cut quite as nicely as I wanted. DH found one for me at Harbor Freight Tools here in town that is a 9x12 so it will cut 12x12 just fine. Its the sort like that an office or a school would use, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The only think is that its heavy BUT thats a good thing for me cause the other tiny ones were too slippery for me and I would mess up my paper and get frustrated. I also use it all the time for school stuff, like memory books for the kids, craft prep, etc. Its GREAT!!

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I have the Friskars one too! I had a cheap-o one from Wal-Mart and hated it.
Love the Friskars on though!
I change my blades more I doing something wrong? I change it when my paper frays all over the place after cutting.

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Ok, I'm Digital, and I even have a paper cutter!! It's the one thing I didn't want to give up, I still use it to trim my scrapbooking pages once I get them printed. I have a Fiskars one.

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fiskars here too Smile

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I recently purchased a cheapie ProvoCraft one because I had to pack away my guillotine office supply cutter. I am so far really not impressed because I seem to need to replace the blade way too often. I keep hearing great things about the fiskars so I will probably get that one in the near future. It really is a pain to run out of replacement blades when you are in scrapping mode.