At the Park and a card

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At the Park and a card

I actually got a little bit done today, despite the painful day I've had with my kids (notably my oldest, and now the youngest is wailing in his crib - posting fast!)

I took a break from the kids to do this ... but Andrew wanted to scrapbook with me, so it was a little painful. He doesn't listen when I tell him that I need to be alone and won't help him (he made a pirate scrapbook page, it's actually kinda cute - but I did have to help a little).

I made this page, but am not sure how I feel about the blocks of brown with the gold stars. Do you think it looks okay?

And two identical birthday cards for friends - the green circle is vellum and I totally lifted the concept from Charys. Thanks Charys!

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I love the page. I know it's hard to find the time..and I totally know baby wailing is no fun. Smile Good that you let your son scrap with you, though it is harder too.

I love the stars..wouldn't change a thing. Your kiddos are beautiful BTW! What are their ages?

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Love the card! And I love the layout too, I think the brown blocks with the stars are wonderful!

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Your kiddos are beautiful BTW! What are their ages?


Andrew will be 7 in October, Jordan just turned 5, and Natalie is 2.5. Baby Jack (not in the scrapbook layout) is 6 weeks on Friday.

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oh wow, the card is awesome. I really love purple and green together. I'm going to lift your lift of mine. Wink LOL! Because I like your colors much better.
The gold stars look perfect on here because they tell me instantly that they are your little stars. That's what I saw when I first opened the thread. Very cute!

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I think it looks great! Love the birthday card too!

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the card is beautiful! i love it!
and the page is cute!!!!!!! browns and greens are my fav! and the stars look nice!