Party favors

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Party favors

After scouring the internet for a day or so, I settled on making my own candy bar wrappers and stole an idea from a website I found. I have to make 10 bars total and am going to tie helium balloons to them. So each kid will receive a candy bar and balloon. Four down, six to go...without further ado...(what do you think)

The front

The back

And inside

Ha...just noticed in pic that the serving size says 50 years...oh well!!! LOL

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Very cool! Love the ticket on the inside!

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Love the idea!

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They turned out cute!!

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How cuteeee!!! The kids will love that!

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Great idea!

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Very cute!

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those are so incredibly adorable!! great job!

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those are adorable! very creative!

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what a cute idea!!!

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that is awesome!!!!!! love that idea, especially with the golden ticket.

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Very cute idea, and you did a great job with them!