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Party invitation

I was asked to do another friend's kid's birthday party invitation and I'm really happy with how it turned out. She's having a fairy themed party. I don't have the details of the place yet (hence the bogas address) and the other personal information was blurred on purpose.

I haven't had much scrapping time since I went back to work two weeks ago, so it was nice to work on something. Smile Just wanted to share!

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Very cute!

Is that a fairy from the tinkerbell movie?

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cute!!! she's gonna love it!

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How fun!

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Very cute. TFS

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That's lovely! She's a cutie! Biggrin

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very cute!

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I bet she loves it!

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Her mom loves it! Biggrin Kayla hasn't seen it yet, but she will tomorrow. I love making things for other people!!!

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That looks awesome Carrie! And I love your new siggie too Wink

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Great job! I love the fairy feel to the background paper. Smile

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Very cute!

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that is so adorable! You did a great job! Biggrin

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It turned out awesome! And can I tell you that your new siggy pic made me laugh so loud it scared the dog Wink

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Love all the colors!

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thanks! I'm not sure which siggy pic you mean since I haven't checked back... guessing the grandma one? Wink