"Perfect Day" & "The Groomsmen" LO's

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"Perfect Day" & "The Groomsmen" LO's

Hey, I swear I really do have a life besides scrapbooking. Lol These layouts were done in about 40 minutes because I had the idea thought up in my head for both ahead of time. [Gotta love throwing something together quickly.] And I really love the results!! Esp. on this first one.

"perfect day"

I bought a 12x12 piece of the tree paper a while ago, but could never figure out how to use it in a layout because it's so busy (and much prettier IRL!) with all the sparkle and black. But it worked PERFECT for this photo!
Close-up of the verse. One of the ones I *try* to live by.

the groomsmen

I had a little piece of that tree paper as a scrap and thought I'd use it on this. Because I had just finished the previous layout, this one came together in a snap.

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Charys, they look great! That first one is beautiful. I wish I could see it in real life. What a perfect way to use that picture and quote. The groomsmen page was great too. Nice that you were able to use another scrap of that tree.

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love the hearts and the splash of red and how you highlighted perfect day. i don't know how you find time to create such beautiful pages all the time!

ps cute new avatar!

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Oooh nice nice! Love that tree paper. I can see what you mean about not being able to use it cause it's busy, but you used it perfectly in that layout.

The groomsmen was is great too. Nice and masculine.

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I love your pefect day! It all goes together soooo perfectly! That tree paper is really neat! I have to giggle that you used more craft paper, though. Wink

Your groomsmen LO is a perfect addition to the wedding album, too.

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oh, both look terrific! great use of the tree. and that's a wonderful verse.

cool groomsmen photo, love the perspective.

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"auret" wrote:

I have to giggle that you used more craft paper, though. Wink

Me too. Reminds me that beautiful layouts look good even in craft paper. Smile

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Great work once again. That LO is amazing girl!

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Great LO's. I love the perfect day page!

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LOVE that tree paper and what you did with it. You know how to make things look so perfect! I wish I had your touch! Biggrin That verse is perfect too.

The groomsman one looks so good. I really like how you made it look manly. I struggle with that.

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wow, I thought the tree paper was a picture. I love that paper so much. Great page and I love the splash of red.

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i love the perfect day one!!!

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Gosh, those are great!!!

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wow that tree paper does go great with that pic in "the perfect day" LO. awesome work Smile

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WOW! That first layout is absolutely perfect, I LOVE that photo!!! Love the little hearts you added too. I like the design of the second layout as well, I can't believe you did those in 40 min!